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A-Helix 10/6


When: -

Where: The Stone Church Meeting House (5 Granite Street, Newmarket, NH)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: crutopiaLIVE

Genres: DowntempoDrum and BassDubstepElectroHip Hop

General Admission
$ 5.00
CruTopia, in conjunction with The Stone Church Meeting House, is excited to announce a brand-spankin' new Thursday residency!!! A-HELIX, or "a high energy live experience", will be kicking-off October 6 with a bang! We've invited 4 DOPE acts, VJ Adrenochrome, CruTopia's LAZERS and even The Phat Bus party shuttle running from UNH! Students, don't miss out on UNH discounts every Thursday with your UNH ID and get to and from campus safe and easy with The Phat Bus! Come out and party, y'all, and let's make this a regular thang!

*Back Alley Broadcast ( NH, EDM / Industrial / DrumStep )*

BAB is the recently released brainchild of Benny P. As a brand new artist, BAB captures an eclectic mix of fat beats, well timed drops and solid EDM compositions, sure to get your head bobbin'. Benny P. was the bassist in the notorious NH rock group Molly, but has trended towards his MacBook and Ableton controller as of late, creating intelligent, original tracks for your ears.

*Outlet ( NH, Glitch-Hop / Soul / Fusion / EDM )*

Jonathan Belfontaine, otherwise known as Outlet, was destined to make music from the very beginning. At a young age, Jon was given a guitar. Soon afterward, he stumbled upon a broken amp, took it apart and put it back together into working condition. Having an incredible ear for music, he was able to pick out notes, and play along with any song. Over the years, he's played in different rock bands, but his musical interest never stopped at just the guitar, always picking up a bass or a set of drumsticks. While being influenced in different genres of rock, he also became deeply integrated into the electronic scene. Soon he had a keyboard and was experimenting with making music all his own, with psychedelic melodies and hypnotic tones, empowered with heavy instrumentals. After a brief hiatus, his burning passion was reignited when he and his soul mate Elisabeth Marcoux went to Rothbury's music festival in Michigan. Hearing the mind blowing artists perform with such love and high energy, and being immersed in the unified and uplifted crowd, sparked Jon's need to make music again. They immediately went out and bought him a Juno G. The new keyboard, paired with his discovery of Ableton Live, allowed him to explode into creativity again, this time integrating the sounds of hip hop, soul, funk and trance. He has now been producing a dance oriented, groove inspired, glitchy style of music that is energetic, passionate and fun. Of course, infusing his positive vibrations and inspiring light, baked into every morsel of each tantalizing song. The concoction of organic sounds whipped and blended with original bass lines and drum patterns, along with his ability to manipulate the texture and flavor of each synthesized note will leave the listener delighted in savoring every delicious layer baked into every song!

*Ian Stewart ( CT, House / Drum and Bass / Dub )*

Ian Stewart began producing and DJing in 2004, shortly after moving to Miami, FL where he attended the University of Miami’s Music Engineering and Technology program. Inspired by the flourishing South Florida music scene, he began polishing his skills and soon began collaborating with local DJ, producer, and owner of Dynamix Records, Matt Davis (aka DJ Alex Liberatore). Ian was soon a regular co-host on Davis’ “The Hacienda Sessions”, a weekly internet radio stream devoted to the best in house music. This partnership continued for several years until Ian moved back to the Northeast.

Upon relocating, Ian quickly connected with the Ruralliance crew (now Shireworks Productions), many members of which he knew from his youth. He was soon a staple of many of their shows as both a DJ, soundman, and occasional guest with Higher Organix, a “livetronica power trio”. Many remember Ian for his epic sets at the now legendary Ott in the Shire afterparty, Lost Night at Shangri La, the opening of Club 7 and most recently The Big Up festival. In addition he has played a variety of clubs and smaller festivals, as well as held a residency at The Manna Dew Café. Ian has performed alongside artists such as Pnuma Trio, ESKMO, Ott (Twisted Records UK), Sub Swara, Eliot Lipp, Telepath, Big Gigantic, and many others.

Ian’s varied taste in music shines through in both his original productions and his DJ sets, and his vision as an artist continues to grow. Whether opening, playing the peak hours, or closing the night he always brings something unique to the dance floor.

*Loyal Divide ( Columbus, OH, Psychadelic / Electronic / Crunk )*

For the past four years, Chicago’s Loyal Divide has been creating sounds that inspire more than just your average hipster head-bob. Whether it be supporting Crystal Castles & Chromeo or prepping a tranced-out crowd before Deadmau5, feet unanimously begin to shuffle. It’s their blend of familiar sounds that allow this quartet to straddle already blurred genre lines. From house beats and early 90s hip-hop jams to the darker, lo-fi productions reminiscent of Lee Scratch Perry and Can comes a sound that is both accessible and triumphantly original.

*The Phat Bus will be departing UNH between 8-9pm.

*The Stone Church is strictly 21+ w/ valid ID.

*Cover is 5$, Doors @ 8, UNH menu specials.