List of Psytrance Artists | The Untz

Synthologic is the the new project of Ioannis Kefalas (Psychotec) and Panagiotis Pournos (Microstar)!! After many years ...

Szizzor Kicker
Artist, hairstylist, and DJ

t.e.a. for more info.

With TAKIMBA’s unique sound and over a decade of experience vibrating dance floors, he brings a blend of heat that ...

Team Azure
Team Azure consists of Aswin and Zac, two friends that loved sharing awesome music, messing with software, and going to ...

Vibes n music !!!

I am Joby Rivera AKA DJ TEK1001 from Orlando Florida USA, I consider myself as EDM junkie. Electronic Dance Music is in ...

My first exposure to the scene was somewhere around 1987. Worked as a promoter way back in those days but slowly got ...

I make psychedelic bass music. Some a little trancey, some a little housey, but mostly big, grinding, low-saw basslines ...

Terrarium TV doesn't require any bragging; the mere fact that it has over a thousand downloads speaks very well of its ...

Bringing sounds together, One beat at a time. {{{^*^}}}

The Acidophiles
In an electronic world dominated by dubstep, The Acidophiles have shined through with their own unique sound they call ...

The Bass Choir
Just a dreamer traveling the world

The Cyborg Trio
The innovative Cyborg Trio are known for their dynamic, psychedelic improvisation and carefully crafted beats. Eric ...

The Eye
Seattle Wa, born and raised. Constant change