List of Psytrance Artists | The Untz

I play bass for Boogie On Alice...I need more music in my life...I bought a Kaossilator...the rest is history...

I produce deep bass downtempo dubstep and dj on the side

Developing artist looking to spread the love and music... the experience and the brotherhood.

Samurai Jackson
Music producer based out of Los Angeles, CA, graduated from Icon Collective music production school in 2015

SashKO, Aleksandar Krivokapic grew up in town of Kotor, Montenegro. His musical influences come from euro dance, techno ...

Sausee began his EDM DJ voyage in the SF rave scene in the year of 1994. After at first being inspired by Old School ...

Scenic Root


Generally consider myself a fraud musician who has forgotten more about music than I've ever really known... Have a ...

Music that has called to me from the past to inspire the present to influence the future. The exact molecules that ...

Video Maker

I'm Chris (Septerumlo), I'm 25yo and I've been making EDM for about 3 years now. I'm hopeful about the future ...

sergio rodriguez
Hello I am a young dj/music producer I create my own music and I also mix. I crate some of the best and hardest, nicest ...

Shakti Shazu & Dirty Ganesh
Dirty Ganesh is the new project developed by the alter ego of Carlos Molina better known in the electronic scene as DJ ...

Credited as one of the pioneers of fusing the burgeoning electronica genre with exotic eastern vibes in the mid 90s.