List of Psytrance Artists | The Untz

Love is my religion <3

I believe the energy that makes all of us is a combination of the influences we have from what we listen too, the ...

XMod apk is software which you can install through Play Store in Android phones and it will help you in hacking a ...

Marked Soldier
I am a 29 year old producer and DJ from Chico, California. I have been producing for about 15 years, but only DJing ...
Pre-physical therapy student, phone app developer, classical music writer

Mass Relay
Mass Relay is an all original electronic act originating in Chicago, and now residing in Denver. Incorporating all ...

Massimo Vivona / Headzone Records
Headzone Records / 1995/ 2017:..Releases and Bio. Headzone Records is an independent record label focused on music we ...


Matt Mac
I'm more of a fan of music then anything. I recently decided to do some writing on concerts I will be attending in the ...

Matthew Carlton
Matt Carlton is primarily a radio and TV audio sound designer/producer with 35 years of media and engineering ...

Max Madd
French producer/DJ

Mayhem Fire
I am Mayhem, an insured Fire Performer. I have been performing with Fire since 2002. I love the EDM scene.

Striving/starving artist.

Since 1996 West Coast's Ripest

Coming at you with full on pure psychoactive intuition. Medisin has played at festivals and shows with such acts and ...

It’s in few DJ/producer’s crew that Meelk start on stage offering his Bass Music set. After he played in big gigs ...