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My name is DuBuddha, I make divine grime out of missoula mt

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Coming Soon

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creating my own reality

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I'm 28 years old. I'v been into all sorts of music. Mostly Gothic Industrial, all Electronic genres, and lots of rock. ...

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Maintains administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. Supervises clerical and ...

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Dusty Fungus embodies the Synaesthetic nature of the human sensorium whilst complimenting the manifold opulence of ...

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DversusJ is the collaboration of Boulder, Colorado hip hop/dubstep producer Dan K and Chicago based DJ/producer Jasper ...

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Northern California electronic producer specializing in Bass Heavy IDM from Ambient psychedelic Dubstep, Funky ...

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I do what the fuck I does...

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DYNOHUNTER is the musical brainchild of Clark Smith (saxophonist/producer) Justin Ehmer (drummer/producer) and ...

Dysphemic and Miss Eliza Logo
Ever wondered what a violin making sweet, sweet love to a sub-woofer sounds like? How about Bach on MDMA? Or maybe ...

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Spinning sick beats with a large influence from happy hardcore. Contact info:

E.R. (Endeguena) Logo
Young Electronic musician from Addis Ababa , Ethiopia , Africa.

E.y.E (Evolve your Existsence) Logo
Musical Vision that will change the course of human evolution.

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New Alternative Rock