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Coming out of the Bay Area, DJ Dooby has been spinning records for eight years. He started off playing on vinyl at ...

Life is nothing but a beautiful dream.

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DJ from North Dallas area. Going to school at Texas A&M University in College Station.

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i make beats mane

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-20 year old producer from Los Angeles, California. -Ableton User. making people dance. > Official Releases: ...

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Sometimes a solo act, sometimes a duo.. always from Baltimore, MD - Dopethrown has been making small waves across the ...

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i am a writer and it is my passion

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Dov1 is the person behind Muti Music, a selector at heart, compulsively picking tunes for record labels and for your ...

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Doverspike is a bass demon bred from the purest sine wave and a millennium of noise.You are not ready.

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Downspin first received his first set of Ion tabels in 2006 from a close friend. He didn't start spinning until early ...

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Dr. Deimos, aka Jordan Albrecht, from Austin, Texas, is a producer in the field of every aspect of Bass Music. ...

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In early 2010, his debut release Purple Gangsta EP, dropped on MalLabel Music. Since then he has also released ...

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Dr. Knobz, aka Ben Stein, was born and raised in San Francisco. He started with a musical background as a child and ...

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Dreamers Delight’s project is about creating sounds that entrap the mind with harmonic and deep vibes. It’s not so ...

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Experimental and hybrid, deep bass style, Jon Lauzon, (DredKnot) is twisting up the mid-west with wonks and wobbly ...

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Un-signed mainroom progressive house producer currently living in Somerset County, NJ, about an hour outside ...

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Co-Owner at Kraken Audio based out of Portland, Or.

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Dro knows music