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Blunt Force is the musical vision of Austin, Texas locals Brian Gustafson & Deniz Baykal. Mixing elements of funk, ...

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A 5 minute lesson in beat mixing on a small farm in Northern New South Wales was the catalyst for 5 years of sharing a ...

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do you really wanna know?

BOBAf3t Logo
BOBA is a bass music producer out of Topeka KS, producing an experimental blend of hip hop and bass music, with an ...

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A young tribal bohemian man from out of this corporate reality ✌️ #tradepost #oldsoulscollective

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It’s getting caned in mainstream clubs, but dubstep’s star system is still emerging " and T-dot’s Bombaman ...

BomBassic Logo
Forming from a friendship back in high school, BomBassic is a musical duo that creates soulful, sexy vibrations that ...

Bonkerz Logo
Musical persona of Boulder based producer/DJ Amr Jan

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Working as a professional writer

Boogaloo Logo
Boogaloo is a 20 year old beatboxer, producer, and DJ from Knoxville TN. He doesn't talk about himself in the third ...

Boomskillet Logo
Boomskillet got his first synth at age 13 for Christmas. It was a Korg Poly-800. He used to call up Robert Moog to bug ...

Boreta Logo
I like buttons

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"moving dancefloors like Columbians move coffee" Besides werking on a ton of new tracks and mixes, I've always got ...

Brady Hylla Logo
24 years old living near Minneapolis, MN. Born and raised in St. Cloud, MN. Hip-Hop fanatic, DJ for 9 years. Newly ...

Brainbheats Logo
Brainbheats is the alias of musician and producer Brian Healey. As an in-demand pianist, keyboardist, and member of a ...

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Bass music artist on a mission to make you dance. Currently residing in Spokane, Washington.

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I make various genres of electronic music from heavy to light.