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"When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the ...

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PolKat has been in the muzik scene his whole life, but in the last sixteen years, has become more on the frontlines. ...

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wolfrage records and myself

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Tim Clifton has been rocking parties, weddings and all types of gatherings for the past 30 years. He offers music for ...

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I am a producer from East Texas.

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Spinning glitch-hop, dubstep, downtempo, and assorted bass music, dj_magnetar is a self-assembling organism residing in ...

Music is more than just an ART, Music is an SOUL LOVE. DOPE. iLLY.

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Here you can find all my tracks! Enjoy!

(Pronounced as: MASS┬ĚTUH) "There's MORE to the TurnUp then just the party. Don't forget the beats that make you ...

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Dj Aphorist is an experimental edm musician who fuses acid house, Garage/ 2 step, and trance to create a new subgenre ...

Whats up I'm Byrd, I live in San Diego California! I am trying to chase a dream and travel the world and DJ. I am ...

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Born and Raised in the Motor City. The place where Techno was put on the MAP!

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Beat making , Audio Recording , working with music software.

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Anyone who knows djseanEboy understands that his heart pulses to deep house beats and hums along to trance-like ...

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I have been making music most of my life. I first started out with the electronic guitar, then the electronic bass, ...

One half of the Dj duo the House Kats, Dj Super Paul aka Mr. Tec-no is a Producer turned DJ from Omaha, NE.

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Artist/DJ originally from New York started making Techno in the 90,s then on to house and other electronic music ...

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Hi i am the DJ

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Up and coming House DJ born in Miami, Florida. After many years of attending music festivals from Miami to California I ...

Started mixing songs (on and off) since sophomore year of high school. Decided to pick up a DJ controller 3 years ago ...

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Funky Bass House producer/dj located in Denver CO. Docfunk is a crew member with the Tater Tot Gang and High Voltage ...

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I like turtles

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Am Ezekiel Dogara Co founder Talkjamz

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I am Ezekiel Dogara founder of

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