Favorite ThisBrand new live project YAYAYA premieres 'Bombax'

Published: October 12, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

We don't let any new projects slip by us when they've got this much heat. Bangin' straight out of Holland, the new live trio to watch is YAYAYA. Comprised of three homies and flush with wicked beats, Kees, Milan, and Gert-Jan (Saturaterecords' own Subp Yao) are bursting with high-energy, infectious tracks that will absolutely captivate the dance floor.

They're bustin' out the gate with "Bombax," a rip-roaring tune that pairs thick trap beats with hardstyle and moombahton flavors. It's totally Euro and totally bananas. They've even paired it with a teaser video that will get your engine running. You gotta help us bring these guys to the States, because it's bound to blow up overseas.

The guys from YAYAYA took the time to answer some of my questions about this new arrangement.

YAYAYAHow did the three of you meet?

We live in a pretty small place in the south of Holland so if you make or play electronic music you will know everyone pretty quick. Kees and Milan are friends for a long time and used to DJ drum and bass together, one of those nights they met Gert-Jan. This is years ago but only the last two years we are working together after talking about it for years.

How does the YAYAYA sound differ from your individual solo projects, including Subp Yao?

Kees is also in a band called 'Baby Galaxy' which is more noisy indie-rock music so that's a whole different ballgame, Milan released some music under his moniker 'Rustybird' and got a classical/jazz background and Gert-Jan (Subp Yao) is known for lots of bass in his productions and released music through labels like Saturate.

With YAYAYA we combine all those different influences and it always has a certain high energy level. We like to call it NewRave. Cause most of the time when we are producing we have a big party in our mind. For all of us it's a bit out of our own box which makes it more interesting to work on.

What's the trap and street bass scene like in Holland?

The electronic music in Holland is pretty cool, we got some very very big acts but also a nice and interesting underground scene. There will be always new talent in Holland but you gotta look for it.

When you perform live, how does that work? Who is handling which role?

Milan got a Moog, Maschine and some effects pedals, so obviously he is playing the Moog parts and he is doin also a lot of sample triggering and manipulating on the Maschine, Gert-Jan has a Push, MPD, MicroKorg and some pedals so he is also triggering and manipulating samples, controlling the live set in Ableton and some effects, Kees got midi drum pads, a keyboard and a vocoder, so he is very busy with the drums and some melodies.

Any plans for touring?

This is our very first track so no concrete plans for touring but i think we will soon, first reactions are really nice! We got a live show ready to play and looking forward to show it to the world!

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