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OutKast - Bombs Over Baghdad (David Starfire Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

By: Chelsea Bray

With the excitement around Coachella and OutKast’s reunion for their summer tour, David Starfire takes on “Bombs over Baghdad,” an OutKast classic. Just to give you taste of what’s brewing out there in the desert, here's a throwback that allows for a trap overload, showing you just what Starfire can do. While still keeping a swaggy beat, his addition of drums and sitar-sounding guitar playing gives you a glimpse into your future summer—bass heavy, but still an easy vibe. The best way to describe his style, if you’ve never listened, is self explanatory in his album, Bollywood Bass. And four years after that, this “B.O.B” remix is no different. With a sound sort of like Buku meets Major Lazer, David Starfire is gearing us up for summer. I would like to see you try and not play this, because it’s going to be everywhere.

Urbanstep - Stopping By [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

By: Anand Harsh

Today, we check back in with your good friend Yuri Grauberger, Latvian bass music producer extraordinaire, and his Belgian partner in crime Aidan Rypens. The pair, producing as Urbanstep, have always had a knack for crafting the perfect sounds for video games. It just seems to come naturally. The duo really nails it this time around. "Stopping By" has the energy and intensity of a hail of virtual gunfire, the browns and grays of a rainy level littered with nuclear waste barrels that will explode into a million fragments if even a stray slug grazes them--yet no one thought to remove them. Boom. Dead. Respawn, and hit repeat. This one's yours for FREE. And you didn't even have to drop in a quarter. 

House of Pain - Jump Around (TBMA Remix) [PREMIERE]

By: Anand Harsh

TBMA is back, and in a moombah mood. Taking a timeless hip-hop classic from our youth for a ride, the east coast trio reworks the iconic DJ Muggs production work behind House of Pain's "Jump Around," swivels its hips, and bangs its head. The result is a rip-roaring reboot that's going to turn crowds into frothing lunatics. The reverence for the original is apparent in the delicate care it took to work the bouncy beat into an all out banger. Catch The Bolivian Marching Affair while you can, 'cause these boys are blowing up.

Cosby Sweater - Pillow Talk [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

By: Anand Harsh

Do you need a Rollie Fingers-style handlebar to rock Party Dad? No, but it helps. Those Hoosier so-and-so's in Cosby Sweater found a sound and they're not letting go. Today's "Pillow Talk" premiere encapsulates everything that was cool about the 70's: the earthtones, the high-waisted denim hot pants, and above all, the Little River Band, and gives it a modern kick (an Earth Shoes-wielding foot, no doubt). Slices of soul are peppered in between exquisite sax runs. We are slaves to the groove. Blending elements of electro-soul and future funk, this cut is absurdly catchy. And fun, goshdarnit.
Last week, we learned Richard "Sleepy" Floyd would be departing as the trio's drummer after this week's midwest run leading to the album release party at The Vogue in Indianapolis. We're saddened by his retirement, but the band will keep on chugging, picking up a new stickman and hitting the road with Conspirator for a run of northeast dates. Plenty of festivals dot the schedule, including Summer Camp and Rootwire, and tomorrow's release of Party Dad will signal a new era for the funky act. The uninitiated will meet a swift reckoning. And if you can grow a mustache, why not go Goose Gossage--the mini-muttonchop look is coming back, courtesy of Cosby Sweater.

Grab the album for FREE--NOW!!!


By: Anand Harsh

When Frank Heiss needed to pick artists to remix his precious Awaken(d) album, he went right to the best of the best in the transformational scene: Skytree, Futexture, and Derek VanScoten.
D.V.S* carefully layers his scintillating guitar over a shapeshifting foundation that opens with a clean slate, builds into a housey groove, and the drops into halftime with some psychedelic warbles. The magic and majesty in VanScoten's string work has started to build him a fan base hopelessly addicted to those soaring notes that pierce the soul and pull the heartstrings. The official remix album will be out April 14th, but you can download this puppy for free, for the cost of a Like.