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Zombie Nation @ RISE :: Together [Fri 5/17] w/Baltimoroder, GMGN + MadDelish


When: -

Where: RISE (306 Stuart St., Boston, MA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: ElectroHouseTechno

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1:00 am - 6:00 am (Fri night / Sat am)

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Opening: Baltimoroder

Lounge: GMGN + madDelish

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Zombie Nation came to life in 1999 when the first 12 inch record was released on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records. Before Zombie Nation was born, the ZN mastermind Florian Senfter who also goes by the name John Starlight or Mr. Splank used to spend his time squatting abandoned factories to organize parties with his back then crew in Munich/Germany.

Those were the days where acid was considered food and strobe light substituted for sunlight. So, what are the most famous songs of this ahh Zombie Nation? Is it 'Souls at Zero'? 'Paeng Paeng', 'Booster' or 'Kernkraft 400'? "I created a Monster, it developed a life of it's own" is what Splank says about 'Kernkraft 400'. The song is considered be one of the most remixed electronic songs ever, amongst them also the bootleg "chant" mix, which has made 'Kernkraft' a sports anthem around the globe. Undisturbed by this, Splank kept on doing his thing and released the 3rd ZN Album 'Black Toys' in 2006. It was highly acclaimed by fans and critics for it's diversity and organic feel. Splank also releases as John Starlight. Remember the banging 'Blood Angels'? The story continued with ZZT in 2007, a collaboration between ZN and Tiga. They released the nerve wrecking 'Lower State of Consciousness' - together with a banging remix by Justice on the flip side.

Zombie Nation isn't your run of the mill producer. In fact he's not your run of the mill anything... The artist has carved out one of the most exciting and glaringly individual careers modern dance music has witnessed. 'Zombielicious' was his lates studio album released 2009 followed by the 2010 dropped EP 'Overshoot/Squeek', this year's 'Chickflick' and the most recent single 'Tight'. Those together with his hits such as 'Forza', 'Worth it', 'Filterjerks' or 'Supercake 53' come back to live while he's constantly touring our world's continents. It should also be said that Mr Zombie Nation doesn't use the term "live" lightly, like so many producers do these days. Zombie Nation live is an orchestra of vintage synths and controllers grinding and hollering to Flo's frenetic yet magical touch.

At this year's festivals such as Lowlands, Sziget and Stereosonic (AUS), he's not just treating his devoted followers' ears but leaves them red eyed, blinded and gay by his stabbing LED wall. He knows they'll keep coming back for more...... as for instance the eagerly awaited ZZT album.