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XYLEM feat. Sugarpill, Quade, Kitty D, and Plumblyne


When: -

Where: The Whiskey Bar - Portland (1135 S.W. Washington St., Portland, OR)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Sprout Productions

Genres: BreaksDubstepElectroGlitchHip Hop


$ 12.00

Sprout Productions is pleased to present the next episode of XYLEM, a monthly, visionary electronic music event. Transpiring on February 11th this event features an exciting array of imaginative Producer/Djs to get your body dancin’ and you mind wonderin’. As usual, XYLEM will include live painting,projected visuals, and creative independent vendors.

Bios and Links:

...SugarPill - Muti Music/Daly City Records - L.A.


Specializing in bouncing bass, sideways beats and experiments of noise, Sugarpill is a master of both the creation and delivery of polytemponic glitch. Residing in Los Angeles yet living in a twisted world of sound, this young artist stays dosed to the eyelids in chopped-up samples, meticulously tweaked beats and obese waves of bass.

Sugarpill seamlessly merges his techy sensibility and immaculate production skills without ever losing the inherent sexiness of the beats, and this multidimensional musical approach unites EDM fans across a vast spectrum of genres and tempos.

His original tracks combined with explosive live DJ sets confirm for the producer a powerful spot at the forefront of West Coast future sound. Crossing genres effortlessly and employing a rich variety of styles, his lively and intense sound is best described as a party- and that is exactly what Sugarpill brings to the dance floor.




Quade - Ball of Waxx - Reno, L.A.


When not busy fighting for free oxygen on Mars, Quade travels from deep under the mountains of Mars to transmit rebel frequencies to Eathlings in the form of Reactor Starting, Cutting Edge, Mid-Tempo Dancefloor Music. Smoothly blending influences from breakbeat, dub, electro, hip hop, and IDM, layered with moody synths, deep organic grooves, bass weight, and sci-fi sound effects for Maximum Dancefloor Impact. While on Earth, Quade provides extra Martian Love Frequencies with live scratching, sampling, FX processing, on the fly mash-ups, remixes, and fluid mixing of their 100% original music. Listen and Download the latest frequencies from the Quade Lab:





Kitty D - Apocalypse Meow - PDX, S.F.


Kitty-D rocks his mid-tempo wobbly bass, haunting melodies, and breaky alien glitch-hop styles with live manipulations and surprises. Sounds that are inspired by life, death, and the unknown; experimenting with sound waves to incite healing, crunk, and emotional madness. This is Kittyology.

Kitty-D started creating music with intention at 7 years old with guitar and keyboards. At 13 he started experimenting with outboard audio equiment and patching cheap keyboards, samplers, drum machines, effects processors, and electric guitars through various recording devices. After going to his first "rave" parties, he was inspired by the possibilities of electronic sounds coming from large quality sound systems, particularly of the subsonic realm. With the evolution of computer audio equipment, he has taken the next step with using computer programs, outboard equipment and an arsenal library of manipulated and self created sounds to initialize a universe of sonic fiction.

Other artists that Kitty-D has been happy to collaborate with include: Ooah da turntablist (the seedling escape), Goldilox, Rena Jones, Lux and more.


Plumblyne - PDX


Hailing from the Pacific Rim, Jeremy Plumb finds his roots at the intersection of golden age hip hop culture and underground dance music. Originally from the SF bay, he's been cutting his teeth in the NW underground for the last decade. A student of classical violin for 8 years, he's now studying jazz/blues piano and minimalist neo classical work. Co-founder of the Portland Producers Meet Up, Plumblyne has been producing electronic music since 1995. Other music projects include; The High Planes Drifters (poetry), Coyote Beat (live duo) and Peripheral AV band (live 5 piece intermedia). He has a forthcoming release on Street Ritual Records and is currently working on an AV piece in collaboration with a slew of other performance artists.




The Whiskey Bar http://whiskeybarpdx.com.../

31 NW 1st Ave.

Portland, OR 97209

Doors at 9pm..Music starts at 10pm ends at 2:25am

21+ with ID $12 at door $8 for first 50 people before 10:30pm

Vendors and Live artists TBA