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Wormhole Wednesday with The Digital Connection


When: -

Where: Era Art Bar and Lounge (19 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepGlitch

Before 9pm with Facebook RSVP
$ 0.00
All Night Long
$ 5.00

Oakland's Bass Music Weekly

Dedicated to presenting only the best in bass heavy music, intelligent lighting, and psychedelic projection visuals.

Brought to you by Wormhole SF Bay Area, The Likquid Projekt, Forever Endeavor and Synthetic Pulse Presents


This week's vibe selectors:


இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/the-digital-connection

The snowy mountains of Colorado often manufacture talented artists, but The Digital Connection stands out even in Denver's extravagant music scene. Relying on his rich musical cultivation, Ricky Shine produces a voluminous span of electronic music. A virtuoso of melodic bass music (dubstep / glitch-hop / drum 'n bass), Ricky can also shift seamlessly to constructing beautiful, downtempo tunes that evolve like a watercolored landscape. With a compelling tour history across the USA and progressively more noteworthy collaborations, this young musician seems to only be limited by the speed of sound itself.


இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/tha-fruitbat

Tha Fruitbat is an electronic music producer, best known for his disorienting arrays of synth and sample tones. All woven together atop complex breakbeats and mutated basslines. His background as a trained musician (drums, bass, guitar and percussion) and audio engineer enables Tha Fruitbat to play, sample and record his own sounds into his compositions, creating his own unique beats.

Although he does sample "organic" instruments, his sample sources vary from vinyl to VHS to AM radio to whatever sort of device that may have an audio output. While much of Tha Fruitbat’s previous catalog could be described as having a breakbeat/drum ‘n bass feel, his recent creation have been in the genres of Glitch Hop, Mid-Tempo, and Dubstep.

His style surpasses the conventional model of those genres, giving them his own distinct sound. With each track his production style is taken through numerous tempos and rhythms ranging from bouncy dance floor breaks to post-apocalyptic sci-fi experimentalism.

He has released on Addictech, Adapted, Simplify and Substruk. With recent remixes on Empathy Recordings and Street Ritual to name a few.


இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/humpfree-lowgart

From the beginning of time, sub level frequencies have been the driving force behind everything in existence. From the flow of galaxies to the beating of your heart. Exploration of such frequencies have been ventured upon by many a valiant crusader. Humpfree LowGart is no different, and continues his expedition into the vast regions of bass tones.

LowGart recently transplanted himself into the bay area, one of the meccas of west coast bass music. In doing so he has found inspiration and light. Continuing to work in Ableton, he creates moving beats and complex intuitive melodies. When hearing his music your conscious is lifted and transported through vast imaginative spaces.

Touring the west coast he continues to learn and grow as a musician and artist. He hit the scene at full speed with releases such as the EP "Float" by his duo Ohm Wrecker, and his first solo single "Boom Sauce." After touring for a year, and the much anticipate EP release "Maxximinimal" (forthcoming on Street Ritual) LowGart is sure to set a milestone in his musical accomplishments.

Now push play and take a journey into the depths of your own consciousness and enlightenment. Here's lookin at you kid...


இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/robchompa

Imagine a futuristic 1984 or Bladerunner dystopian society. What would the music of that society sound like? Chompa, a solo producer from the Bay Area, has his own vision of what that might sound like. He has a hypnotic, not-so-easily-defined sound that fuses 808 bass with footwork-esque high-hats and eerie, industrial hip-hop synth pads, Chompa keeps a distinctly electronic vibe and breathes life into the cyborg future ahead of us.


இஇஇ https://soundcloud.com/capacityofsound

Capacity - Bringing other dimensions to you through bass music, high frequency, and pure vibes.


Visual Kaleidoscopics and Projection Mapping by Fieldfx Visuals and Digital Introspect

Lights and lasers by The Likquid Projekt

$3 IPA / $5 Jameson