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When: -

Where: Yosemite Forest (37.839343 -119.946027, Groveland, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Mindfull Records

Genres: BreaksDowntempoElectroPsytranceTechno

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$ 30.00
$ 40.00

Mindfull Records and Miss Sarah K invite you to attend our gathering in the majestic Yosemite national forest to celebrate the warming season and upcoming release of Ghreg On Earth’s new album. As we move closer to beginning the planet's next great cycle, all that is no longer in harmony with the new phase of existence has become more obviously discordant within our lives.


During the course of evolution we often need to let go of thoughts, feelings, objects or people that limit our movement forward. It can be hard to leave behind what helped before but we must shed old skin and clear space for what awaits us. Embrace all that led you to this moment in tender gratitude for the growth it provided then release any attachments to the past so you may blossom into your full being.


Use the power of dance to achieve transcension at this 24 hour event featuring two stages of soul satisfying psytrance, progressive, techno, electro, breaks, downtempo and ambient presented by some of the best underground talent in the country today. There will be two world class video artists taking the experience into further dimensions with immersive visual creations complimented by inspiring deco and spectacular lighting.


The permitted location is only 3 miles off highway 120 and 3 hours from San Francisco or 6 hours from Los Angeles. Music begins at 8pm on Saturday though you're encouraged to arrive as early as Friday and enjoy the nature. You can also stay Sunday night then leave any time on Monday. Delicious food will be available for sale from Ultra Crepes but make sure to bring plenty of water and other camping supplies. While there is no age limit, please be responsible and respectful to the environment by taking everything you bring back with you.


Parking space is limited so there is a $5 fee per vehicle unless you have two or more people in it. Email us at info@mindfullrecords.com if you have no passengers so we can help find someone to ride with or arrange to waive the charge if you absolutely must come alone. Get presale tickets for $30 at http://www.mindfullrecords.com or pay $40 at the location. Join the Facebook guest list at http://www.facebook.com/events/333947239972686/


Step by step directions will be posted to the website soon or you can use Google Maps:






JON BONK (GlitchCrew - Boston)

GHREG ON EARTH (Mindfull - LA)

KABAYUN (2to6 Records - NY)

TERRAKROMA (Desert Trax - LA)

POLI (Zero-1 - Santa Cruz)

ARAHAT (PsyCircle - San Diego)

WILLY (Electronarcosis - LA)

PROG-A-LOT (Ocelot - SF)

THE DOG OF TEARS (Xexify - Russian River)

MANIPULATION (Funklab Records - Portugal)

CATALYX (Mindfull - LA)

SKEPTYCH (Hellchedelic Records - LA)

MAGELLAN (Likquid Projekt - SF)

PSYJACKED (Sonic Beating / Changmian - SF)

DANIEL WAID (Psy Valley - Modesto)




DR. PARADISE (Paradise2012 - SF)

SCHLAUTING THOMAS (Lumen Nature / Shake Lasta - LA)

GIBSON (Addictech - Santa Barbara)

LIAM SHY (Tantra / Viral SC - SF)


LEAFYGREEN (Electronarcosis - Santa Cruz)


JOE SCHAEFFER (GeoMagnetic - SF)

WHISKEY DEVIL (Friends 'n Family / Want It! - SF)

ST. SOMEWHERE (Mindfull - LA)

A.C.D.C. (Xexify - Russian River)

XIPIL (Ultraviolet Carnival - SF)

A LIVING EARTH (Ultraviolet Carnival - SF)

SHEM (Speaker Sherpas - SF)


Sound and lighting by The Likquid Projekt - http://www.facebook.com/likquid11


Visuals by Dr. Paradise - http://paradise2012.com and Jon Bonk - http://www.jonbonk.net


Deco by Organic Elements and Nicolo Pastor


Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres - http://www.radiantatmospheres.com


Crystal Temple by Himalayan Clarity - http://HimalayanClarity.com


Food by Ultra Crepes - http://www.ultracrepes.com