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The Nadis Warriors & Supersillyus - 4/18 - Hard Rock Cafe Boston


When: -

Where: Hard Rock Cafe - Boston (24 Clinton St, Boston, MA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Elevated A&E Elevated Arts & Entertainment

Genres: Livetronica

Elevated Arts & Entertainment Presents:

The Nadis Warriors



Hard Rock Cafe

24 Clinton St

Boston, MA



8p Doors // 9p Music (EARLY SHOW!!!)

The Nadis Warriors:


A new movement has been emanating from the musical mecca of Austin, TX. Steeped in the spirituality and sonic psychedelia, The Nadis Warriors transcend the notion of a band, shedding the restrictions of commonplace stage shows for performance experiences unlike any other in the EDM realm or otherwise. Their eclectic mix of musical layers incorporates Tibetan singing bowls, tablas, live guitar and keys to create an electronic excursion through healing and dance. Focused on moving crowds and melding the collective consciousness, each Nadis Warriors performance is an odyssey built around connectivity, instead of pandering production bent on superficial crowd puppetry.

Through major meetings of like-minded artists, known as Manisfestations, The Nadis Warriors have also shared the stage with artist Alex Grey, more times than any other band to date. Beyond the live sphere, the Warriors’ craft crosses over to the studio with massive conceptual undertakings, like 2011’s opus of evolution Allele Frequency, sharing stories and spreading messages not through remixes or popular singles, but through extended musical movements that spread and undulate, enveloping the listener and carrying them away on introspective journeys that move the body and soul.



Supersillyus (aka Rob Uslan) is a musician and producer based in Allston, MA. He has been tickling minds with his brand of psychedelic electronic music since 2008. His extensively layered soundscapes feature instrumentation ranging from tribal drums, swirling synths, to the occasional marimba solo.

His most recent album, Tesselations (Base Trip Records), has been downloaded over 9000 times and featured on Ektoplazm, the premier source for psy-trance, techno, and down-tempo music.

He has shared the stage with luminaries like Tipper, Hallucinogen, and Ott and showcased at festivals across the US including The Big Up (Ghent, NY) and Rootwire (OH).

In October 2012 he debuted Supersillyus Life Band, a supergroup featuring Rory Dolan (of lespecial), Michael McCarthy (of Wobblesauce x Moe Pope & Quills), Luke Bemand (of lespecial), Steph Barrak, and Derek VanScoten (DVS).

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