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The Do LaB presents Emancipator, Ana Sia, and 9 Theory


When: -

Where: The Observatory (3503 South Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DowntempoGlitchHouseLivetronica

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$ 15.00
Door Price
$ 20.00
Join us on December 30th as co-host Emancipator at the Observatory in Santa Ana. He will be joined by Ana Sia and 9 Theory. Discount pre-sale tickets are now on sale for $15. 

Get tickets: https://beticketing.com/emancipatoroc

Preview the music: http://bit.ly/EmancipatorDoLaBOC

-- About the Artists --


A search for mind immersing, spine tingling tracks would land many stumbling upon Emancipator. Between the countless tour dates, festivals, and studio time, Emancipator (aka Doug Appling); the Portland, OR based electronic producer, has retained a steady rise of success over the past few years. 

Known for its etheric melodies, immaculately smooth samples, and addictive drum beats, Emancipator’s music has captivated a diverse audience across the globe. One might struggle to place a finger on what makes the music so addictive, but would undoubtedly return to the underlying feeling of balance and connection. Now accompanied regularly by the harmonious swells of live violin played by Ilya Goldberg, Emancipator’s live performances have developed into an all-encompassing musical experience.

With the release of his newest album, Dusk to Dawn, the music promises listeners a nostalgic return to the soulful integration of organic hip hop and symphonic layers that first captivated his audience. “Minor Cause”, the first single off Dusk to Dawn proved a buzz-worthy track with its’ video premier on MTV’s Hive – followed by an uproar of enthused listeners wanting more. Trusting his roots yet simultaneously evolving, Emancipator’s fresh new cultivation is nothing short of a renaissance.


Ana Sia’s DJ crate is a ticker for the hottest sounds of tomorrow. One of the west coast’s most celebrated DJs, this SF Bay Area-based tastemaker is known for not only energizing the dance floor, but consistently breaking new sounds from all over the world.

Coupled with her growing production catalog and high-profile collaborations underway, Ana Sia looks to make her mark on recorded music as well as the stage. In the meantime, she’ll keep crowds enticed -- keeping speakers pumping with big bass-driven, intelligent and sexy music...deep enough for the cabaret and filthy enough for the festival stage.


"I am from the group Inspired Flight. This is my solo project. I love creating and playing music more than anything else. I'm obsessed, no plan B. Rock with me!"

-- The Details --

December 30th 2013

Doors @ 8pm


The Observatory

3503 S. Harbor Blvd., 

Santa Ana, CA

This event is 18+

$15 limited pre-sale tickets available now!

Get tickets: https://beticketing.com/emancipatoroc

Preview the music: http://bit.ly/EmancipatorDoLaBOC

We'll see you on the dance floor soon ORANGE COUNTY!