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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Wizard Crew Promotions

Genres: Drum and BassElectroHouseTechnoTrance

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$ 30.00

$ 20.00
Saturday June 26, 2010
Wizard Crew Promotions proudly presents
in Hartford, Connecticut
3 Rooms of Sound, 1000+ capacity, more than 25 performers, 9pm 'till 6am, Ages 16 and up
Buy your tickets now for only $20!
$25 at the door before 11pm, $30 after 11pm
Venue to be announced week of event
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With Special Guests...
LIVE PA Performance - Los Angeles - Brainforest Productions
We are pleased to bring you a very special live performance from the legendary skylab2000!
From large outdoor festivals in Europe and Asia, to sweaty basements on the east coast, to massives in Los Angeles, skylab2000 has long been a part of the global dance music revolution.
Urb Magazine decribesskylab2000 live performances as "incredible" and"fantastic." Dave Dresden [Gabriel & Dresden] calls the Rollergirl single "the bomb of all bombs." In the UK, Pete Tong of BBC Radio One chose the Auburn single as an "Essential Selection".
Superstar DJs such as Sasha, John Digweed, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Taylor, John Kelly, and Keoki play skylab20000 tracks. Many releases are on top selling CDs - on great labels such as Moonshine, Koch, Journeys by DJ, Phatt Phunk, 3am Records, Brainiak, City of Angels, Genesis Project, Metronix, Starblocks and Starshagger.
On stage, it's hardware synths, samplers, mixers, and effects. Not 'laptop band'here! The music is played LIVE, changing to the crowds needs and creating a ride to remember. The current skylab2000 sound is a blend of techno, electro, hard house, nu skool breaks, acid, trance, and a sprinkle of drum n bass.
Many people ask us how skylab2000 actually does a live set. Well... he controls it all. He doesn't just stand still on stage twiddling knobs or moving a mouse around. This is all about making music live and keeping the party going full on. No DATs or backing tapes are used at all. A old laptop running a basic DOS MIDI sequencer controls a selection of synths, sound modules, software and samplers. No parts are pre-recorded on a DAT. No audio files are used. It's all mixed and mashed 100% live. No controllers, no system exclusive messages - just the notes. The synths and sampler's audio outputs all run thru effects units and controlled live onstage. Vocals and emceeing are added as needed. A sixteen channel mixer is used to do the final mix. The whole set is varied for the feel of the party, and is never exactly the same show to show.
This is definitely a performance that you do NOT want to miss.
Omar Santana
Hardcore - New York City - H2oH Recordings
Since the late '80s, Omar Santana has been a leader in the American brand of psychedelic break beat acid-techno scene. He has worked tons of aliases: Hard Hop Heathen, Liquid Metal, Dark Side of the Shroom, New York Terrorists, Car Jacker, Tales from the Hardside and Wizard of Oh. Santana mixed for Debbie Harry, Dynamix II, and worked at Cutting Records.
By the '90s, Santana had crossed over to the acid house music and the rave crowd with tracks like "Mr. Dynomite" (Liquid Metal), "Slamm Jamma" (New York Terrorists) and "Boy Is Banging" (DJ Oh Oh Omar Santana). His trademark "hard hop" style of acid break beat techno became common on the West Coast, and Santana helmed several mix albums for Moonshine Music, including Tricked Out, Hardhop Tricked Out and Battle for Planet of the Breaks.
But as Omar Santana, he released Heroes Of Hardcore in '98 and Battle for the Planet of the Breaks in '99. As the creator of the "hard hop" style of music, Omar Santana has been one of the key pioneers of the rave scene. His dedication to throbbing repetitive beats that make your heart race and your mind drift has always made him a crowd-pleaser, so it is with great pride that we present a rave legend.
Happy Hardcore - San Francisco - Corson Agency
Representing the harder sounds in the Bay Area for over 10 years, DJ Crackerjack has been a force to be reckoned all over the United States. He has held many regular residencies in some of the biggest San Francisco hotspots and has headlined almost every major US city; his unique sound has even infected Europe. He is an accomplished producer releasing upfront tracks with artists such as No Left Turn and Reese, and he gained national and international attention with his remix of DHT’s “Listen To Your Heart” and his infamous CD entitled “Crowd Pleaser.” Crackerjack has amassed thousands of loyal fans across the US over the last ten years, and his fan base only continues to grow.
Trevor Nygaard
Tech/Electro - Denver - Stonk Records, Digitally Imported Radio
Trevor Nygaard has quickly become recognized and respected in the club scene with his seamless mixing and undeniable energy behind the decks. His music projects his impeccable taste and passion, making it heartfelt and personal for his audience. Further setting him apart is his warm persona and humble attitude that portray Trevor’s pure love for the music and desire to share that with others.
Trevor was first introduced to the electronic music scene in 1998, influenced by prominent DJs such as Tiesto, Carl Cox, and PVD. His talent was immediately recognized as he began packing the dance floors with his deep and dirty sounds. Trevor currently holds a residency on the world’s #1 online electronic radio station, Digitally Imported. This is just one of his many musical outlets where his audience continues to grow and loyally support him.
Constantly refining his style and creativity amongst numerous subgenres, Trevor’s listeners are never disappointed and always left inspired. He projects his skills across various genres such as electro, progressive, tech and deep house, so you are guaranteed to be satisfied and grooving every time.
The Digitalist
Dirty Electro - UK - Digitally Imported Radio
The Digitalist has spent years focusing his energy on his music. Get ready for some of the dirtiest, grimiest electro you've ever heard! As he puts it:
"I learnt to play the piano at eight (although at first didn’t take to it), then learnt the guitar at 15, and then the drums at 17. After studying Music at College I was introduced to an even wider range of music - african beats, spanish guitar, freeform jazz, swing and also electronic music such as jungle and house. It was then that electronic music really started to take hold.
I just loved the progression, the driving basslines, the journey the tunes took me on. They put visions in my head, visions of staring out of a train window at speed - even when I wasn’t on a train(!) The music fuelled my imagination and created scenarios, events and places where I could really get off on listening to it. The imagination, the possibilities. I could close my eyes and it would take me to places without me actually needing to go there. Now, years later, I hold down a residency at the worlds biggest dance music radio network Digitally Imported (di.fm).
In love with the raw analogue sounds of early synths, I now uses everything at my disposal to create a unique and up-front DJ sound. Putting it simply, I’ve got more squelch than a fat man sticking his foot in a wellington boot filled with diarrhoea. It’s filthy sounding!"
Gobs The Zombie
Zombiecore - Toronto, Canada
In late August of 1998, when Gobstoppa was just 18, he began his renowned career as a DJ and MC in the Toronto rave scene. He first got behind the turntables at age 12, but Gobstoppa considered 1998 to be his first year as a DJ because that was the year he began to get gigs at various clubs and raves around the city. The whole MCing thing, well that happened by accident, but in early 1999, it really took off. By 2003, Gobstoppa had performed all over North America, while holding down residencies at the now legendary Hullabaloo! and Goodfellaz Events. He was often referred to as North-America's top Hardcore MC. Unfortunately, in late October of 2006, Gobstoppa died a horrible and tragic death.
Yet somehow, his love of music pulled him through, and he has been able to rock dance floors in his afterlife as GOBS THE ZOMBIE. Now in his 11th year as a DJ, Gobby Z is ready to show you what makes this veteran stand out from the crowd, besides his unique and strange appearance, of course. Be prepared for a performance unlike anything you have ever seen.
Hard Trance and Hardstyle - Montreal - Synergy Canada, Blizzard Tracks
In a crowded sea of faceless DJs and anonymous party scenes, Tamerax has managed to separate himself from the pack, building a reputation and a following that has seen him welcomed at events across Nor th America. His sets are constructed out of only the most thunderous and intense tracks designed to drive any floor wild. Partiers instantly respond to his mix of hard trance and hardstyle, and his forays into freeform / UK hardcore have met with the same level of success.
Part of what sets Tamerax apart from other DJs is his relentless energy behind the decks. His ability to engage the crowd through his sheer passion for the music he is playing enables him to form a connection that few other perfor mers can lay claim.
Tamerax’s smooth mixing skills, track selection and devotion to his audience can be attributed to his humble beginnings as a radio DJ almost 15 years ago, spinning an eclectic mix of trance, drum and bass, rock and industrial. These early years have since shaped and influenced all of his sets. A craving for more direct contact with those who enjoyed his mixes naturally led him to the world of raves, and he began performing live in 1999. Over the years he has been privileged to play alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.
He has himself earned a respectable degree of recognition in the Ottawa scene where he was twice voted Favorite DJ by partygoers (2004 and 2008) and internationally through his featured setson DI.fm. He has played at some of the largest Montreal and Ottawa underground events in recent history and was featured at the Hardsound stage at the final World Electronic Music Festival in 2008.
Rave Mayhem - Connecticut - Columns of Knowledge
Knowledge is one of the original foundation layers for the underground dance circuit since the mid-90’s in New England. His evolving sound has taken audiences of 5 to 5000+ and turned rooms inside out worldwide. Always taking the time to hand-select the most cutting edge production in the tracks he plays, his signature sound of genre-bending, layered, journey sets have transformed many minds and moved countless bodies over his almost 15 year career.
Jungle - Threshold
Drum and Bass - Digital Terror Records, St8cyde Jump Up
Mike D
Bassline - Awesome!
Sonic Bee
Bangin' Electro - Bump Truck Music, Paradigm Lab
P-Kat b2b DJ Tre
Happy Hardcore - Plurtrain, Hard Hitters, Wizard Crew
Deadpool b2b DJ Blu
UK Hardcore - Floorburnerz, Tight Crew, Wizard Crew, Hard Hitters
Tech Trance - Digital Finesse, No Bullshit Productions
DJ Pr0n
Tech House - Fractal Tribe, Wizard Crew
1. Closing set in the Mainframe
2. First choice of timeslot in the Reactor
3. (3rd - 10th) Preference of timeslots in the Reactor
Submit a link to your 40-minute mix (upload to rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, or soundcloud) in an email to rave@wizardcrew.com. Mixes can be any style, and we encourage creativity. If we like your mix, we'll distribute it and promote it for you for free.
The deadline for mix submissions is May 15, 2010.