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Sugar :: Booty & Bass w/ Godfather, DC Breaks, Assault, Funk, Venom, Hardbass Addicts and More!


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Where: Artist Development Complex (18 Mill St., Southbridge, MA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Live Free and Dance

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassHardcoreHouseTechno

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Live Free and Dance proudly presents…

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▀▀▀▀█ █░░█ █░▀█ █▄▄█ █▄▄▀

█▄▄▄█ ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀▀

// // // // // // // B O O T Y & B A S S

Join us as we celebrate this winter and Live Free and Dance’s 1 Year Anniversary with an 8 hour trip down the infamous rainbow path on a musical journey of Booty & Bass. Dance through the Candy Castle, Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, and Peppermint Forest for a memorable night you won’t soon forget!

// // L I N E // U P // // // // // // // //

C A N D Y // C A S T L E


Presenting “The Booty-Trifecta” of DJ’s Godfather, Assault, & Funk!


Twilight 76 Records [Detroit, MI]

DJ Godfather is considered one of the founding fathers of the genre we now know as Ghetto Tech. He started DJing at the age of 15 with the help of, now business partner, DJ Dick. Within a few months of getting his turntables, Godfather was already playing in nightclubs and after hour parties all over Detroit. He started producing at the age of 17 for his first Miami Bass style group Bass Association. With the buzz of a few singles off the Bass Association album on 3 Detroit radio stations, Godfather made his first solo record at the age of 18 on the now Twilight 76 Records entitled "Work Dat". Taking his turntablism skills and mixing Detroit Techno music with Miami Bass music, and new sound was born, Ghetto Tech.

Godfather has had a very successful career over the years. Voted 15th best DJ in America by the readers of DJ Times and Pioneer Pro DJ for 2011 and in 2012 out of the top 100, best DJ in Detroit by Real Detroit magazine 5 years in a row (2008-2013), and is now the Red Bull Thre3stlye champion of Detroit for 2013! He plays it all from open format/mashup parties to house to the deepest trap, ghetto tech and juke parties incorporating his battle style turntablism in his sets. He has played across the globe numerous times in cities all over Europe, Asia, Australia, United States, Canada, China, Japan and South America and receives worldwide recognition.






Jefferson Ave [Atlanta, GA]

Born Craig De Sean Adams and raised in Detroit, Craig came to dance music like many of his Motown brethren, via the radio. Detroit radio jocks made lasting impressions on the young artist. Mixing records since 1982, Craig has been indoctrinating people with his own take on Detroit dance music, which is very much an amalgam of his radio predecessors. The introduction of scratching and rapping to non-Hip Hop genres of music, this style is something that could only have come from Detroit.

Along the way, DJ Assault was born. A.K.A. CRAIG DIAMONDS ‘The STREET NARRATOR’ is hard at work with his label and a place to finally call home ‘JEFFERSON AVE’. Making his mark as a well established international DJ since 1997. Assault continues to globe trot yearly all around the US and Canada. From the United Kingdom to over 23 European countries, Australia, South America, and Asia are also among countries that have felt the bass. DJ Assault is also the man behind a whole new set of beats — the man responsible for some of the most infectious hooks this side of the Mississippi. Producing records since 1995 Assault has been making some of the most talked about booty-bass accelerated funk, and hip-hop tracks in existence.








Dance Mania [Chicago, IL]

Pioneer? Party Rocker? Ghetto House Icon? DJ Funk grew up on the musically rich West Side of Chicago where he was exposed at an early age to Chicago, New York, Miami Bass and Detroit dance music. Developing from his early influences, he started DJing out when he was just a teenager at house parties, school dances, and neighborhood clubs in addition to selling mix CD’S. Some of his early DJ influences are Grand Master Flash, African Bambaata, and Farley Jack Master Funk to name a few. Hip-Hop was also a big influence on DJ Funk and his early DJ sets helped push Hip Hop into the Chicago club scene before it was mainstream. With a mix of House, Techno and Hip-Hop, DJ Funk pioneered the “Ghetto House” sound. This sense of crossing boundaries has made his music so appealing and enduring to many people all around the world.

DJing professionally for over a decade, DJ Funk has produced anthem after anthem of “Ass & Titty” Dance Music for his very own record company Dance Mania Records Inc. Funk’s remix resumé reflects licensing deals with Sony, Virgin, Fabric Live, Moonshine and Ed Banger Records along with collaborations including artists like Basement Jaxx, Justice, DJ Sneak, and Fast Man, to name a few. He has also licensed tracks to DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Bad Boy Bill, Jeff Mills, Dave Clark, Jackmaster and many more for their mix albums.

DJ Funk has performed all over the world in high profile clubs … His biggest selling release to date is “Booty House Anthems” which has sold over 1,000,000 copies and put “Ghetto House” music back on the map with his 2008 release of “Booty House Anthems 2″ which produced over 3,500,000 downloads. Now with preparation to release his “Booty House Anthems 3”, the third album in the trilogy, DJ Funk will be known as an underground dance music legend, for generations to come!




Eno a.k.a. ?CONFUSION?

Bang Tech 12/ESP/Journees/Stargazer Pro/Fnoob/Subwoofer [TN/MA]


Morlock Musik/Beatdown/Cyber Groove/FOKUS.fm [MA]


Showcase Records/Caffeine/Stimulant/MTEA/Zombie Productions [CT]


Mutiny [MA]

G U M D R O P // M O U N T A I N S

-Drum and Bass/Jungle-


RAM Records [London, UK]

When they’re not remixing the likes of Example, Tinie Tempah and Avicii, or hosting BBC 1Xtra’s D&B mix show - DC Breaks are busy making Dance floors the world over quake in fear. Their subwoofer-worrying, rib-rattling approach to writing drum & bass with a melodic spin has earned them a position as true leaders in the genre. All made the more potent as they prepare to unleash another immense release on the Ram Records imprint.

It all started with Ram Records back in 2005 signing several tracks to Frequency Recordings (The label founded by one of the leading Producer DJ’s in the Drum & Bass scene Andy C). This steady stream of releases helped cement the act's profile as both supreme DJs and future leaders of the scene. … Fast forward to 2010 and the year kicked off in fine style, with their ‘Halo EP’ released on Viper Recordings and championed by every specialist show at Radio One matched with a selection interviews and revered guest mix features behind the hollowed decks of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s…The combination of DC Breaks’ unique gutsy, melodic sound with a label that has already shown enough skills to launch Chase & Status and Subfocus, 2012 is ear marked by both as THE year of DC Breaks.

Unleashing their anthemic basslines on dancefloors from London to LA, the duo have also brought big hype to the scene from their brilliant reworks of many of todays biggest pop acts … The ability to produce acts on this level and create productions that turn these pop acts into Bass heavy hero’s is a true talent in itself and one that DC Breaks do with one ear in the commercial market and their feet firmly in the underground to deliver a non-compromised sound where ever it lands.

It would seem incredible with the enviable studio output this duo have that there is any time to tour, but this is by far the biggest part of what this act do and they have spent years crafting their unique live performance seducing crowds in clubs and festivals around the world, DJ-ing across 6 decks and two mixers, everything you hear in their productions is magnified when they set the dancefloor alight leaving fans all voting unanimously with both arms raised.





Breakbeat Science [New York, NY]

A member of the infamous Planet of the Drums crew alongside fellow drum 'n bass pioneers AK1200, Dieselboy, & J Messinian, this Irish transplant has been a dominant figure in the U.S. drum 'n bass scene since his arrival here in 1994. His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists such as Freq Nasty, Afrika Bambaata and Keoki. Dara co-founded the nation's first & largest drum 'n bass record store, Breakbeat Science, in NYC which doubles as his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings. He has been featured in countless magazine articles and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He previously hosted one of the internet's most popular drum 'n bass broadcasts, Velocity, where he regularly interviewed leading drum 'n bass artists such as Jonny L, Kemistry & Storm, Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, and many others. Dara's long standing relationships with the world's drum 'n bass elite gives him access to an astounding amount of new and unreleased material. His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring markey by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country.





Elemental Productions [MA]




High Decibel/Afterlife/AMEN [CT]

With Host


Threshold Sound/Minority DNB/Dubbage/HHTT [CT/MA]

L O L L I P O P // W O O D S



Hard Dance Nation/Morlock Musik [RI]

Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their performances as DJ VENOM. He continues to relentlessly tour the continent, unleashing his signature sounds to packed dance floors of sweat covered fans. This New England native has been a major figure in the North American rave scene for over two decades, wowing crowds with his flawless mixing, floor-filling beats and crazy turntable tricks. In 1994, Venom started Volume Productions, a rave oriented company dedicated to the advancement of the underground electronic scene. Not only did Volume release over 70 DJ Venom mix tapes, but they also were bent on breeding an army of party-goers by throwing numerous raves and events, including the famous ENERGY night.

Venom also gained notoriety for his sick scratching and turntable skills that earned him numerous awards in competitions and battles throughout the years, including two second place finishes at the WMC battles in Miami. In 2000, Venom signed with the legendary Underground Construction label out of Chicago. His hard house sound was a perfect match and he began releasing a series of top-selling CDs including the "Straight Bangin'" series, the "House Blend" series and the "Raise the Volume" series. Today, Venom continues to champion the hard dance sounds, releasing an arsenal of headbanging hard house, hardstyle and hardcore tracks. He continues to put out mix CDs on his own label, Morlock Musik, as well as various side projects under the aliases of Scratch Gringo and Eddie Brock. After 20+ years behind the decks, Venom continues to breathe life into the underground scene, and he doesn't plan on stopping.







Groove Therapy/Backyard Beatz/Kikwear [NJ]

It was only a matter of time before one of Long Island’s favorite hardbass heroes and New Jersey’s Hardstyle Badboy would join forces to become the duo known as the Hardbass Addicts. After years of rocking decks all across the Northeast, Dice and Cepheus linked up in October of 2007 to create a new brand of wall-shakin’, floor-rockin’ hardstyle that truly represents the genre to its fullest extent.

Individually, the boys have played some of the biggest and baddest parties in recent memory, droppin’ bombs at events like Whistle, Collaborate, I Have a Dream, Unify, Colosseum, and Saturday Morning Cartunes. Together, the two – affectionately dubbed “HbA” by their loyal fanbase – have sought to carve out their niche as the preeminent hardstyle tag team on the East Coast … Whether it's nustyle or rawstyle, jumpstyle or the classic sound of the reverse bass, the Hardbass Addicts tear it out each and every time they take control of the dance floor.




BTTR/Parallax Soundz/100 Proof/Officer Nasty [MA]


Robot Haus [MA]


Morlock Musik [NH]


Mutiny/Make Believe Records [NH]


Morlock Musik [RI]

P E P P E R M I N T // F O R E S T

-Live Free and Dance Multi Genre-


Live Free and Dance/How’s Ya Mom/Make it Rayne [RI]


4orce Productions/Beatdown [MA]


4orce Productions/Beatdown [MA]


4orce Productions/Live Free and Dance [MA]


Fortune 500/Rareform/Live Free and Dance [NH]


Live Free and Dance/Eastcoast Underground [MA]


DeepDown Recordings/Rhythm Ryderz Foundation/Mutiny [MA]

// // D E T A I L S // // // // // // // //

December 7th, 2013

6:00pm to 2:00am

The Artist Development Complex

18 Mill Street

Southbridge, MA 01550

18+ to Enter, 21+ to Drink


Vendor Booths

Gingerbread Lounge Area

Face Painting by Plurific Paints

Massage Table by Jolly Green



…and much more

ROAR is in full effect!

// // T I C K E T S // // // // // // // //

Early Bird: $20.00 (Until October 18th)

Presales: $25.00 (Until 12:00pm Day of)

Door: $30.00

Tickets on sale at https://sugarmassive.eventbrite.com/

// // D I S C O U N T S // // // // // //


Show up dressed as your favorite Candy Land character for $5.00 off the door price!

Examples: King Kandy, Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, Mr. Mint, Lord Licorice, etc.


Need a ride from Portland, ME or Portsmouth, NH? Go to www.facebook.com/eastcoastunderground1 starting late October for details on a special ticket package that will get you to and from the event!

// // S P E C I A L S // // // // // // //

Come by the Live Free and Dance table during special events to purchase your tickets at the Early Bird price of $20! We’ll also have Live Free and Dance t-shirt for just $10 and all sorts of snacks.

▶ Back From the Dead (to School) By Mutiny and ECR

Friday, October 25, 2013 in Worcester, MA


▶ Tight Crew Presents Creatures of the Night - The 5th Annual Halloween Massive!

Friday, November 1, 2013 in Providence, RI


// // C O N T E S T S // // // // // //


…details coming soon!


…details coming soon!

// // S U P P O R T // // // // // //

Sound and lighting provided by Supreme Sound and Lighting


Visuals provided by Frank Parallax and Robot Haus



Decoration provided by Live Free and Dance


Flyer Design provided by Robbie Dunn


// // M E D I A // // // // // // // //



Evan Smith Photography




Xander Brown Photography


Stephany Kay Photography


// // V E N D O R S // // // // // //

Mutiny Apparel


Twisted Creations


...and more to be announced!

Interested in vending?

Find out how at www.livefreeanddance.net/vending-information.html

// // F A Q’ S // // // // // // // //

▶ Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Yes, both events are 18+ to enter and 21+ to drink. Proper ID is required, no exceptions. Valid State licenses and ID's or passports are acceptable. A temporary paper ID with your states official stamp will be accepted with a 2nd form of identification.

▶ Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

It is not required, but highly encouraged. Having your ticket handy allows for a quick and smooth entry process for both you and those in line behind you.

▶ Is there re-entry?

There is NO re-entry.

▶ Is there public transportation?

There is no direct train or bus into Southbridge, however we recommend either posting a comment here on the event page or in the New England Party Ride Share group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/484366854947472/

▶ What hotels are close by?

Here is a list of hotels closest to the venue on Google Maps:


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Please email contact@livefreeanddance.net with questions and concerns or visit our website at www.livefreeanddance.net

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At Live Free and Dance our goal is to provide the best possible experience through coordinating and organizing talent, both audio and visual, as well as creating and developing an environment that harnesses positive energy and encourages good vibes. We believe that regardless of the differences between any of us, we know there is still one thing that we all share in common, a love for the music. Our passion for just that drives us as we utilize the opportunity to make progress while continuing work towards our goal of uniting New England through electronic dance music. Come be a part of our effort to bring the entire community together for the love of the music.

Create the environment, build the memories, share the experience...let's live free and dance!