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Street Ritual & Bass Tribe LA present: VNDMG, INDASKYES, NonCoding


When: -

Where: Broadway Bar (830 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Bass Tribe Los Angeles

Genres: DubstepGlitchHip Hop

Free entry if you say "Bass Tribe" at the door
$ 0.00



-From the Bay Area and beyond, Anthony VanVranken is bringing his own brand of bass music. VanVranken blends diverse musical genres to form a sophisticated and layered sound that always keeps the dance floors packed. His mastery of hard-hitting bass and addictive synths has culminated to form his most recent project: VNDMG.




http://vndmg.bandcamp.com/album/reblastr <--FREE EP!


-Honing his skills since discovering electronica in 2008, indaskyes is just beginning to release his work. A heavy hip-hop influence is abundantly clear in his original tracks, reflecting his love of simple yet intoxicated beats. From a glitchy, dubbed out remix of Goapeleʼs ʻPlayʼ to a crunkalicious, booty bumping rendition of Young Buckʼs ʻShorty Wanna

Ride,ʼ his musical range and focus on the dancefloor are undeniable.





- Noncoding (Nathan Walworth) roots reside in soulfully-sexy old school R&B and Hip Hop, which pervade into the love for bass-influenced grooves. As a resident of Bass Tribe Los Angeles, he just really tries to set you in that reproductive moooodddd.....