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When: -

Where: Temple (540 Howard St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: Drum and Bass

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Drink Specials: $5 Wells/$3 Beers/Special Painters’ Punch! 


A specter is haunting this city, a specter of boredom and routine. In opposition to this specter Temple Nightclub and Paint Nite have combined forces to form The People’s Painting Party. Designed to abolish the midweek doldrums, we seek to bring painting to the proletariat with co-creative canvases, an up and coming art market, and painting workshops led by Bay Area artists. 


Each Tuesday we gather and our movement grows stronger. Each week we bring the paint to the people. 


Outdoor Patio: 


Classless Creation 


Stripped of hierarchy, come and make works of art with your friends. We’ll bring the paints, brushes and canvases; all you need is your creativity. 




Featuring Attempting to Function Collective 


'Our art collective's overall message is to invoke consciousness, and bring together a community through art. What is different about the art shows we have thrown in the past is that, one they were at a house, and two that we made the house itself into an art installation and then hung art within the installation... we have really wanted people to gain an experience, rather than just attend a show. ' 


Destiny Lounge hosted by Paint Nite


Drink Creatively. 


Paint Nite will be hosting a painting class with local artists that will teach you technique and style tips all while having drinks and meeting new people. 


Time 7PM Workshop Tickets $45 More info and tickets CLICK HERE 


Paint brought to you by Arts and Craftsmen.