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When: -

Where: 2720 Cherokee (2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Loyal Family Nasty Rumor Up & Up Productions

Genres: DubstepGlitchHip Hop

$3 Minor Surcharge
$ 15.00


(Two Levels, Two Stages)



//Vital SC || MalLabel || Camp ?//

Christian Bauhofer at first glance comes off as the unassuming dude yawning next to you in class, a kind of lumberjack-nerd fusion in his glasses and scruffy facial hair. However, wait until the sun goes down and add a couple drinks and a whole lot of bass — and quiet, smiley Christian assumes his party-crushing alter-ego: Minnesota.

“My goal is to make bass-heavy dubstep/glitch-hop music that'll get you dancing, but is not the same old, three-note transformer-step ... I try to focus more on the melodic side of dubstep, and hopefully, make quality songwriting a more relevant factor in the genre.” Bauhofer says.

In the past two years his producing has taken off, with both originals and remixes gaining great popularity on sites like Soundcloud.com. In Minnesota productions, big influences show through from songwriters Bauhofer looks up to — artists such as Mimosa, Martyparty, and Modeselektor. His first EP “Panda Snatching Tycoon” was released to great acclaim in January 2011 on Tycho Records, featuring three original tracks: “Push It,” “Purple Daze,” and “Twisted.”

Minnesota tracks are heard in dubstep/glitch sets all over the world, including those from DJs Reid Speed, Marty Party, Blackheart, and Rastatronics, to name a few. His latest and greatest remix of “California Dreamin’” by the Mamas & the Papas has been getting tons of play — most notably by dubstep trailblazer Bassnectar a.k.a. Lorin Ashton, on his current U.S. tour.

“Quickly becoming a staple in my sets,” Ashton said about Minneosta track “Push It,” “Perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hype."

One of the best things about Bauhofer is his incredible diversity in both his production and DJ sets. Any promoter can be assured that a bill featuring the name Minnesota on it will be pleasing to any crowd. He has opened for a wide range of acts, from Flying Lotus to Ghostland Observatory, Rusko to Benny Benassi, RJD2 to Excision, and many more.

The future looks bright for Bauhofer, so much so that he is taking a break from UC Santa Cruz this spring to focus strictly on music. With multiple EPs coming out on MalLabel and Simplify records in the next few months, this might be Bauhofer’s smartest move yet. 




//Simplify Recs || Car Crash Set//

Freddy Todd hails from Detroit, Michigan and makes delicious beats all day. He has played in multiple metro-Detroit based bands including Ioriba, Tone Poets (live jam-tronica), Cave System (progressive indie- rock), Breezee One, and SplatterBox (live DJ and production project with Griz).

He plays many instruments ranging from drums/percussion to bass, guitar, mall instruments, and keys. Freddy has also produced various Detroit based hip-hop artists including Breezee One and Black Mic. He grew up making music and playing/throwing shows with the Scrummage collective (Lord Scrummage, Breezee One, Mannikin, Deastro, Benny/Lenny Stoofy, Eggslave, The Gremlins, Just Boyz, Bones, Slufter) and has deep ties with Detroit's bass marauders, Cirque du Womp and Soulflex.

He has three previous releases on Car Crash Set, one of which just dropped, "Space 5 Penthouse: A Remix EP" featuring remixes from all over the states, Vancouver, and even the UK. Freddy has been touring all over the United States this past year and has shared the stage with the likes of Mux Mool, Love and Light, Nit Grit, ill.gates, EPROM, ill-esha, Lynx and Janover, Boombox, Samples, Fisk, Fresh2Death, Ana Sia, An-ten- nae, Beats Antique, Ghost Stepper (Lotus's side project), Gladkill, Lokae, Mochipet, Govinda, Shigeto, Hood Internet, Elfkowitz, Lorn, Deastro, Inkface, Lord Scrummage, and countless others.

Various artists he has collaborated with / remixed / had remix: NastyNasty, Om Unit, RNDMS, NiTGriT, ill- esha, Samples, Elfkowitz, Inaudible, Mochipet, MC Zulu, Lokae, Joe Mousepad, Black Mic, Mobil, Breezee One, DJ GK, Lila Rose,Love and Light and more.





<< OMEGA >>

//Dubanimals Records || Tycho Records || Monkey Dub Records//

Omega is a bass music producer and DJ, currently residing in Denver, Colorado, US. He first discovered electronic music through the big beat, IDM, and industrial scenes during the late '90s, and bought his first pair of turntables in 2000. Over the years his tastes have also included jungle, progressive breaks, psychedelic trance, and dub - and in the last couple of years have settled into dubstep and related forms of bass music. Though DJing will always hold a special place in his heart, recently writing and producing tunes has become Omega's primary obsession.

Omega performances are a hybrid between a DJ set and a live performance - using a laptop running Ableton Live, with several MIDI controllers, effects processors, and synths. An Omega set will always include many original tunes, remixes, edits, and mashes, with a heavy emphasis on live improvisation and manipulation. His energy and stage presence, combined with his monster tunes, inevitably whip a crowd into a frenzy of bassed out bliss. He has shared the stage with: EOTO, Liquid Stranger, Vaski, Eskmo, The Malah, Cold Blank, Bird of Prey, Trillbass, Roksonix, Virus Syndicate, NiT GriT, Calvertron, and many more.

Omega tunes blend the most raw and aggressive aspects of dubstep - snarling synth sounds and organ churning sub-bass - with a careful attention to sound design and elegant use of melody, creating a sound that is at once primal, funky, and psychedelic. Racking up nearly half a million plays on his Soundcloud profile, and getting DJ support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Jantsen, Samples, Sugarpill, Love + Light, Future Simple Project, The Crystal Method, Zeno, and many others, it's clear that Omega is a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene.

2010 saw numerous original and remix releases on various labels, including an Omega remix on The Crystal Method's "Sine Language" Remix EP. 2011 will bring many more official remixes and singles, several EPs, his first vinyl release, some epic collaborations, and an extensive touring schedule.





<<MonDope>> & <<>>

//Killinoize Productions||Nasty Rumor//

Hailing from Springfield, IL Armando Zuniga aka “MonDope” is a fresh force to be reckoned with. Although he has only been performing and promoting for a short period of time, MonDope is no stranger to the scene. With an eclectic arsenal of music ranging from metal to hip-hop and underground, as well as many different forms of electronic music, there is never a dull moment in his sets. In the summer of 2010 Mondope came together with other local DJs to form Killinoize, a production company interested in bringing the new wave of bass music to Illinois’ own capitol city. Killnoize quickly gained a following of like-minded enthusiasts and bass heads in the region. Mondope’s sets are energetic and demand your attention. He will bring anything from glitch-hop to dubstep, drum & bass, crunk, breaks, funk and even jungle/reggae to the dance floor. Able to feel out any crowd at any moment, MonDope delivers a HEADY blend to get down to. Playing along side National acts such as Pretty Lights, Michael Menert, Love & Light, NastyNasty, VibeSquad, DNAE BEATS, R/D, NiTGriT, Splatinum, Freddy Todd, Elfkowitz, Alpaca, Phaded, Spankalicous and more to come.Winner of the 312 DJ Battle Royale gave MonDope an artist spot at the 312 Vibe Tent at this years Summer Camp Music Festival 2011. Expect the best of this rising artist in the future.





//Nasty Rumor || FurtherSound//

Alex Hendrix is one of the hardest working men in the St. Louis Dubstep scene. Accustomed to both digital DJing and traditional club techniques, he’s a constant presence behind the decks at regional Midwest night clubs and house parties. H’e performed alongside Borgore, Shpongle, Hulk, Vaski, HD4000, Hellfire Machina and more with upcoming shows with Trillbass, MRK1, Trowa, DeeJ & Nebulla. Hendrix is constantly cranking out new studio mixes, along with being a founding member of “The Wrek Sessions” on Electrolouis.com Internet radio and being the fore front of the in St. Louis’s hardest working crew, Nasty Rumor.

Not only is Alex one of the Midwest’s premier DJ’s, he’s also one of the area’s most prolific producers, continually developing his own signature sound with ground-breaking new tracks. Hendrix lives and breathes

Dubstep, making him one of St. Louis’ secret weapons. 2011 is the year for this very talented individual. Be sure to check out the bone crushing bass that Hendrix purveys in your city very soon!





|| FurtherSound//Space Age||

McGruff has matured his own eclectic style by combining Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Downtempo, and IDM seamlessly. He has played at many venues in St. Louis including 2720 Cherokee, Club F15teen, The Red 7, Firebird, Twisted Olive, and the Upstairs Lounge where he has a weekly show on Wednesday nights. He has also become somewhat of a “resident”, rocking the house multiple times at The Kinetic Playground in Chicago, IL.

This summer he played a set at the world renowned Wakarusa music festival as well as the long running Underground Sound series which is currently in it’s seventh year.

McGruff has played with artists such as Antiserum, Reso, Ana Sia, Heyoka, Virtual Boy, NastyNasty, Typhonic, Cyberoptics, Oblivion, Deathface, Trowa, Phaded, DeeJ, Jeekoos, Nebulla, Spankalicious, and a slew of other artists from all over the States. Be on the lookout for McGruff to blow up in the summer of 2011 and beyond!


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Doors 8pm

Show 8:30pm

Ages 18+

Tickets $15 ($3 surcharge for under 21)