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Evolution: Acosmic Event


When: -

Where: Jillian's - Albany (59 N Pearl St, Albany, NY)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Festival

Genres: Dubstep


$ 15.00

Join us for the Evolution:

Imagine entering a cosmic forest of another realm where you are free to absorb and react to mesmerizing sights and sounds.

When you walk in to The Outer Limits, you will be surrounded by incredible deco and visual projections which will serve as a stimulating backdrop for dancing the night away to mind-blowing electronic music. Taking the stage for our audio pleasure in The Outer Limits will be the inter...nationally known DJ Rikam of Neurobiotic Records from Montreal, Canada. We have also invited, among other exceptional artists, Luis Campos (headliner for Cosmic Wave II), an architect of sound, and the amazing DJ KeN (headliner for Cosmic Wave I), to join forces for a special tag set which is sure to set the floor on fire.

As always, you are welcome to enjoy striking body painting and stunning fire performances throughout the night.

As you wander further into the cosmic forest, you will reach The Inner Sanctum where you can relax in the fabric cushion lounge and view an astounding 3-D art installation. While taking a moment to chill in the lounge, enjoy a fantastic massage and listen to an invigorating melange of Dubstep, Tech-House, Funktronic and more. Although The Inner Sanctum features more down tempo music, you can still expect bodies to be in motion out on the floor. Keepin’ it movin’ and groovin’ behind the decks will be ELECTRONICAnonymous (opened for Lotus), RekOne vs. Brad Lee, The Dark Flow and we’ll be bringing back our Dubstep master, FOGES. We will also be bringing back the nasty Funktronic duo, The Beatdown Collective, so you can get down to some raw, funky, jazzy electronic sounds. Evolution will truly be a Cosmic Event not to be missed as it will be the most extravagant gathering Vudoo Productions has created yet. So come join us for amazing art and music, beautiful people and a constant flow of positive energy. We'll see you on the Dance Floor!

Peace, Love, and Positive Vibes,

Vúdoo Productions

~The Outer Limits~

DJ RIKAM (Neurobiotic Records/Tech Safari-Eclipse festival) Que/CAN





Rikam (a.k.a. Erik Amyot) is one of the leading psychedelic-trance DJs in North America. Since 1994, he’s also one of the most respected psychedelic-trance party organizers in Canada. Rikam is an electronic-music lover. He founded eXpérience productions in 1994 and Tech Safari in 2002. He first encountered techno, acid-house and acid-trance music in the early 1990s and started collecting his first vinyl records. He first discovered goa trance parties around 1994. Following his passion for this new music and new energy and his desire to share it, he produced the first psytrance, goa-trance and techno parties in Trois-Rivières (Quebec) with eXpérience productions.

1999 was a turning point for Erik and his career, as a promoter and a renowned and appreciated DJ in the Canadian arena, playing at many large gatherings and parties like Universo Parallelo (Bresil) Shambhala festival (Canada), Arrival and Natura festivals (Quebec), Om festival (Ontario), Harvest festival (Ontario), Music of the spheres and TranSahara (Morocco), Jungle Lunatic (Mexico), Omni dance festival, and Orb festival in New York, Psyforia (Boston/USA), ... Rikam has also played with Infected Mushroom at the famous Aria nightclub in Montreal!

In 2003, with the Tech Safari team, he organized the first international outdoor psytrance festival in Canada: Eclipse Summer Trance Festival. Only one year later, Rikam and the Tech Safari collective created a new series of parties called “Amazone” in different locations throughout Montreal. Rikam is now a key element in the development of emerging psytrance culture in North America, and especially in Canada, where he is both DJ and instigator. He's played alongside renowned artists such as Ido Ophir, Hallucinogen, D-Nox, Ace ventura. Etnica (Maurizio dj set), Deedrah, Koxbox, Transwave, Domestic, Talamasca, GMS, Absolum, Wizzy Noise, Ticon, Dino Psaras, X-Dream, Protoculture, Pixel, The Delta, OTT, James Monro, Son Kite, Joti Sidhu, Wrecked Machines, Vibrasphere, and many others.

In 2005, after a set by DJ Edoardo at Tech Safari’s legendary monthly Amazone gatherings in Montreal, Rikam became the North-American representative for Italian Neurobiotic Records, a label managed by DJ Edoardo and represented by artists such as Joti Sidhu, Dimitri DKN, The Antidote, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Silicon Sound, Altom, Polaris, Panick, and many more. Rikam is a versatile, open-minded DJ. He can mix night and day, as his powerful sets offer a mixture of intelligent psychedelic sounds and original grooves with progressive rhythms and s hypnotic atmosphere ranging from 138 to 145 BPMs. He's also has a particular interest for progressive trance & techno music ranging 125 to 132 BPMs.

LUIS CAMPOS (Reality Engine/Sullivan Room) BR/NYC



Luis Campos is a Sullivan Room resident DJ and producer that has played at some of NYC's most revered clubs throughout his career including Cielo, Pacha, Love, Exit, Twilo, Spirit, Life, World, and B.E.D. His career highlights also include residencies at some of Sao Paulo's hottest nightclubs including Limelight, Victoria Pub, New QG, Gitana and an MTV hit as part of one of Brazil's first live electronic bands. When it comes to outdoor events his talents have been showcased at Brazil’s most prestigious music festivals including Skol Beats and the Love Parade attended by nearly 200,000 people!

DJ ANYA (Sonic Beating) BOS/RUS



Anya is a Russian-born psytrance, techno, & house dj living in the US. She first got into electronic music in 1995 when breakbeat eletronic groups like Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers were getting really big around the world. In the next few years, she explored IDM like Aphex Twin and Autechre. The rave scene in the US blew up around 1999, and she started going to these allnight dance events. This was an exciting time because so many different genres of electronic music were being showcased in the same venue in one night!

Fast-forward to 2007... when Anya joined up with the Sonic Beating psytrance promotion and party organization crew in Boston USA.Having been a psytrance/goa fan for a long time, she was excited to help this awesome crew of people! She first began to assist with set ups and soon became the bookings organizer for the crew. Anya also learned to DJ progressive and psytrance around this time with motivation from a few inspiring friends :)

In just a few short years, Anya had built a name for herself in the US, but has yet to be defined by one genre. Playing everything from 155 bpm dark aggressive psytrance to 120 bpm dreamy slow progressive house, she's got sets to please all types of tastes :) Even in the fastest tracks, she seeks a groovy bass line that keeps asses shakin' and feet stompin. She is best known for offering up 2 sets in the same festival: her serious psy sets mixed with forest, night and dark music... and really deep romantic SEXY tech/prog house! Her mixing is always on point, with powerful bass line switches, and she has a huge stage presence that gets people excited.

Having played all over the US in clubs, festivals and parties, she's traveled to both coasts to rock groovy sets for happy dancers. Anya has also been a featured guest on the 10-year running WZBC radio station (www.wzbc.org) show “Green” with Jeff Mission & used to hold a bimonthly slot on the Greek psy internet radio station MelexRadio. Internationally, she's played in Italy, Switzerland, Canada & Morocco including the amazing TimeGate NYE party, Eclipse Festival & Transahara Festival

GOATONE (Fractaltribe/Sonic Beating) BOS


Aaron Fractaltribe has been one of the leading forces behind the New England psychedelic push for over 4 years. Backed by some of the area's top artists, djs, promoters and insane minds, the Fractaltribe Network has been planting seeds in all corners of the Northeast, working on projects ranging from underground warehouse events and art gallery shows to club productions and awe-inspiring festivals. Aarons music tells the story of this push; of lifes struggles and victories, the sweet and the sour. But its always told with a smile as he leads the listeners in active meditation through dance, onward and upward, exponentially, into the singularity.

~The Inner Sanctum~

ELECTRONICAnonymous (Shireworx) MA


ELECTRONICAnonymous is the EDM brain-child of Jules Jenssen. 1/3 of underground dance-fusion power trio HiGHER ORGANiX, Jules has been playing music since he was 6 years old, first dabbling in piano, then embracing the drums as his musical voice. Heavily rooted in traditional band style rock/ funk music, (Floyd, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Phish, all his father's bands, etc..) Jules found electronic music as a pre-teen and immediately was drawn to carefully sculpted, evolving beats, throbbing bass, and euphoric synthetic sound design. Although he didn't start making electronic music for years, he continued to integrate the theory into his drumming and live band. In the summer of 2008, Jules dove head first into the world of EDM production and nocturnal sleep cycles, making everything from electro-house, to dubstep, to krunk - -& styles yet-unnamed. Having already headlined shows including Music Ecology @ Wonderbar Boston, played festivals such as Camp Bisco, Desiderata, and the Big Up as well as having shared the stage with OTT, Lotus, Sub Swara, Bluetech, King Britt, Dub War NYC and Psylab, to name a few, the anonymous might not be unknown for long...

RekOne Vs. Brad Lee - Alb



DJ RekOne has been part of the heart and soul of the New York underground dance community for years. Throwing countless parties and DJing for over 15 years now, he's been devastating dance floors with the likes of Danny Tennaglia, BBB, Frankie Bones, Angel Alanis, Portia Surreal, Jonathan Peters and Anthony Martinez just to name a few. DJ RekOne can work a party like no other with flawless mixing and scratching abilities that are sure to drop jaws and have the cameras rolling. Never pre-selecting his sets and solely working with the energy of the crowd is what makes RekOne such a pleasure to hear and watch.

The Dark Flow (SINsation Sound/Gravity Entertainment) Alb



Since the late 90’s both Don and Jason have been a staple to the EDM scene in Upstate NY. Their respective companies, SINsation Sound and Gravity Entertainment, have thrown some of the biggest events the region has seen.

In early 2010, the decision was made to push forward as a duo. The Dark Flow was formed. As The Dark Flow, they have embraced many genres of electronic music. The main focus is always on a big main room sound. The Dark Flow’s track selection will keep the party going whether they are performing in front of 20,000 at a festival or 100 in a lounge. A mix of dubstep, electro, drum & bass, house, & techno blended seamlessly keeps sets fresh and original.

Since combining efforts, The Dark Flow is quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts in the region. Major bookings at Camp Bisco & Summer Sanctuary have highlighted The Dark Flow’s festival calendar this year. The Dark Flow is no stranger to clubs and raves, playing several events each month. While keeping up this schedule, The Dark Flow is also busy in the studio. Several tracks are ready for release in the coming months!

Beatdown Collective - Alb


The Beatdown Collective is a “Funktronic”/Electro-fusion duo made up of two dynamic instrumentalist with Jason Panucci aka “Papa Nucc” on Hammond Organ/Keys/Beats and Jeff Nania on Sax/Flute/Effects. Funky beats,heady jazz,body movin’ grooves with live manipulation of tracks that will keep your head nodding’ and your face melting!!

FOGES (Vúdoo Productions) BOS/ALB



These days, people want unique and organic. That's what Benjamin Fogel provides. Also known as FOGES, Fogel has been producing and DJing house/electronic and dubstep music since 2007. The Albany, New York native was influenced by his time playing guitar in a progressive rock band as well as his experience attending Camp Bisco, a musical festival just outside Albany. There, he was exposed to the electronic music scene and instantly knew what direction his music would take. Over the past three years, FOGES has experimented with many different forms of music, ranging from primitive to acousmatic genres. Through this wide range of influences, an original and organic sound was born, unique and appealing to a wide variety of listeners. His experiences studying music technology and composition in Boston, Mass. have also influenced his musical performance. FOGES currently performs a forever-morphing style of music in venues around the Northeast.


Featuring: Christopher Brown- blacklight3d@gmail.com

That's right we are going to be providing 200 Chromadepth 3D glasses and creating a 3D art gallery in the "Fabric Chillout Lounge" featuring the amazing Christopher Brown and his stellar 3D Blacklight artwork! 3D Blacklight Artist Christopher Brown has shown his works throughout Western New York, Southern Ontario, the Capital District, and Manhattan including Madison Square Garden! Brown formerly was the founder and director of A.R.M.- The Artist Response Movement, which was a coalition of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and photographers formed the day after 9/11. Brown has also set up an art gallery on the 25th floor of the Buffalo City Hall, ran two successful record labels in NYC and was the lead singer of Weed and keyboardist for Fallout Shelter. His home base is now Schenectady and can be reached at blacklight3d@gmail.com. This is another stellar addition to an already amazing event so come check out some incredible 3D art.


(You can also use the 3D lenses on all of the other deco that we will have there, making the entire event 3D!!! We ask people to be courteous and share the glasses with others as we only have a limited amount.)


Severyn (Severyn.com) NYC

Nephilnine (N-Squared Collective) NYC

Aaron Fractaltribe (Fractaltribe) Bos

Neuronymphonic Art (N-Squared collective) NYC

~Video Projections (in the cushion lounge) by the Amazing Drew Suto~

$10 - Pre-sale

$15 - At the Door

$20 - After Midnight

Jillian's of Albany

59 North Pearl St.

Albany, NY