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Boombutywah 2010


When: -

Where: Dogwood Valley Farm (1057 Dogwood Valley Road, Kingston, TN)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: Drum and BassElectroLivetronicaPsytrance


$ 50.00

$ 40.00

Boombutywah is a homegrown, grassroots Music/Arts Festival at Dogwood Valley Farm in Kingston, TN. We are very excited to see all your beautiful, smiling faces again in May! It's gonna be a great time, as always. We promise! Please check out our website for more info at http://boombutywahtn.proboards.com

Please become a member (it's free!) and tell us about yourself/shoot us some ideas/suggestions/general thoughts. Just click 'Register' in the top right corner. After your register, click on the different boards to read threads about what is going on this year. Thanks! We love you!

The festival setting is on a farm in Kingston, TN. Kingston is about 40-50 minutes from Downtown Knoxville. We have two permanent wood-structure stages built with cedar posts and plenty of room for a crowd of musicians on them. There are all sorts of amazing flora/fauna to be seen, including beautiful Dogwoods (and in fact, may still be in bloom in late May this year). Up on the higher hill , you can see both The Cumberland Mountains to the West and the Great Smokies to the East. It's actually a pretty awesome view! On a clear night, it is also an incredible place to optically view the visible parts of our very own Milky Way Galaxy. You can enjoy a short nature walk in Gypsy Holler- a stretch of land that descends from the stage area and follows a creek to a pond and a hollow tree at the bottom. "Great shady relaxation, Batman!" you say? This is the place! Bring the whole family! We are a kid-friendly festival. You're all welcome!

There will be drinking water on-site, and an on-site shower that feeds from a VERY deep well (Don't jump in!!! ). There will also be porta-johns available. We are working on food vendors. There will be arts and crafts vendors, as well as interactive workshops to be a part of too! Always, we will also include other fun things to do, such as the infamous "Glowstick-Parachute-Popcorn-Game" or "Pumpkin Bowling" (Don't ask...). There will be a security and medical tent (Wookie Wounds) on site.

We are working on a more sophisticated recycling process, and that depends a whole lot on every single one of you, and us. We are working on having various recycling/waste receptacles placed throughout the site. Please try to be conscious of the footprint we make on our Mother Earth, not only at festivals and other gatherings, but as much as you can without feeling overwhelmed. Keep Tennessee beautiful!

Please, especially, be respectful of the Sacred Land and it's owners. The owners are very generous for letting all of us celebrate life with it. Treat it as it were your own sacred place, or better. Please pick up your mess, and leave nothing behind but memories (well, OK, you can take those with you if you want ).

Also, please refrain from negative behaviors such as verbal and physical violence. I know we all know this by now, but we just want to emphasize the point. We have had incidents before... Please treat each others as you are closer than brothers and sisters. Deeper than family. Congregations of positive energies can be an incredibly powerful thing, and many of us have seen the effects. Let yourselves radiate the goodness you all have inside of you, if only for this one weekend.

Not to sound preachy and all, but this is very important to us. We want to have a clean, happy, safe environment so that we can be with each other in communion for years to come, and so we can expand the positive energy, as a family, to the rest of the Universe. Just remember, we're gonna have damn good time.

Things to bring:


Sleeping gear


Extra cloths/rain gear

Bug spray (deep forest recommended)

Musical instruments

Personal stoves/grills



Personal dishes/cups/silverware etc.

Tiki Torches (optional)

Good vibes


Dancin' shoes

Things not to bring:


Illegal Drugs/Substances



Negative vibes...

Fire works Fire works they will be confiscated

No glass

Thank you,

Dogwood Valley Family/SKM