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When: -

Where: Public Works (161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Rebel Bass Collective

Genres: BreaksDubstepElectroGlitchLivetronica

before 11pm
$ 10.00
after 11pm
$ 15.00
Rebel Bass Collective presents:


@ Public Works

::: MAIN ROOM :::

1:00-3:00 BOOMBOX

12:00-1:00 Dark Party (Eliot Lipp+Leo123)

11:00-12:00 Deft

10:00-11:00 Porkchop

::: UPSTAIRS :::

1:00-2:00 Lotus Drops

12:00-1:00 Lippe

11:00-12:00 Cadence

10:00-11:00 Johnny 5

$12 before 11pm /// $15 after 11pm

Doors & Music @ 10:00pm

@ Public Works 

(161 Erie St., off Mission St. b/w 14th & Duboce)


::: BOOMBOX :::


BoomBox is Producer/Engineer/DJ/Drummer Russ Randolph and Pro-

ducer/DJ/Vocalist/Guitarist Zion Rock Godchaux. This pair of dynamic artists uses their rich musical history and their vision of music and popular culture to deliver a style of music distinctly different from anything heard or seen in music today. This signature sound and show brings live music to a new, elevated level. Godchaux, who grew up with deeply embedded rock and roll roots, began playing drums at the age of two, and played guitar and wrote his own songs as a teen. During the 90s, Godchaux was a well-received touring DJ based out of the San Francisco area. Randolph began as a young drummer, but it’s what was happening behind the scenes that attracted him most. As much producers as they are musicians, it is Randolph’s understanding of soundscape and Godchaux’s knack for songwriting that keeps BoomBox resonating at higher levels. 

BoomBox’s high-energy show remains the essence of the group. Night after night the group draws people of various ages, musical interests and backgrounds, guiding them on a journey into sound and revelation. The union of Randolph and Godchaux combines a producer/DJ with a vocalist/guitarist in a real-time live format creating a genuine and fulfilling performance for the mind, body and soul.

::: DARK PARTY :::


Dark Party is Eliot Lipp and Leo123. They met in San Francisco. Despite living all over the US, these nomadic producers have always followed the music. Eliot Lipp has made a name for himself creating songs that, according to XLR8R, "tickle days after the last spin." He has traditionally combined hip-hop influenced drum programming with the vintage synthesizer sounds found in the cutting edge electronic music of the 70s.

Dark Party's duo-producer approach results in a more up-tempo, almost disco feel, with sophisticated dance friendly beats. The music, is, without a doubt, a dark party. Eliot Lipp's early career saw him vigorously honing his skill on the club circuit where his fresh and daring take on hip-hop impressed Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) so much that he put out his 2004 debut LP on Eastern Developments. Subsequent successful releases on Hefty Records have continued to expand his audience and refine his craft.

::: DEFT :::


Ross Moriel is one part of the three man DJ squad that is !APT (Armageddon Prevention Team). He is an amazing DJ and Producer. Widely respected, Deft works with many different musicians and has provided remixes for many an artist. You don't want to miss his set.

::: PORKCHOP :::


San Francisco based dj/producer Porkchop 

(Benjamin Keyser) has built up a solid reputation of uncompromising quality both in the underground scene and above by contributing to many of the SF bass-fixated conglomerates. Now focusing on his PORKCHOP project, expect to hear more heady experimentalist dub originals throughout Ben's sets.



Lotus Drops has been bringing it full on in the bay area since her debut in March and is fully blasting through the roof. She delivers it full on and is constantly finding ways to get your booty shaking and your soul elevated in these drastic times. Its time for the next round of sounds of what she describes as Psychedelic Break Beat Goddess Womp. Be prepared to get the real rinse out....because Lotus is locked and loaded and ready to Drop it like its hot.

::: LIPPE :::


Lippe hit the bay area scene relatively recently, and since then he has been producing bangers and dropping bombs all over the place. Everyone who sees him play live can stop fist pumpin' and jumpin' all over the dance floor. Lippe's music is elemental in its audacity and heavy hitting energy. He is most definitely rising quickly in the eyes of the fans as well as fellow artists.

::: CADENCE :::

There is no music available by Cadence because what he brings to his live set is not meant to be captured by a recording device. He will bring your energy to whole new level and expand your mind with his music. He is more of a conductor than a DJ. Be sure to catch his set because you've never heard anything like it before.

::: JOHNNY 5 :::


After a series of mixes that remained vastly unheard, the world began to take notice after his first official release, "Johnny 5 Alive." Armed with his trusty APC 40, vast collection of rare and exclusive tracks, and uncanny ability to read a crowd's mood