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BOOM BLAP! feat. SUGARPILL *1st Seattle Appearance*


When: -

Where: Contour (807 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Bassdrop Music

Genres: DubstepElectroGlitch

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2 for $10 or $10 per person at the door
$ 10.00

Bassdrop Music & The Midnight Sons

are back with more BOOM BLAP!

Join us every 1st Friday for a banged out night at Contour!

Come out and show your support for the glitch & grime, whomps & wobble's DJ's as they electrify the night!



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This month featuring:


1st Seattle appearance!

Headtron :: Simplify Recordings

Los Angeles, CA

Latest tracks by Sugarpill

Specializing in bouncing bass, sideways beats and experiments of noise, Sugarpill is a master of both the creation and delivery of polytemponic glitch. Residing in Los Angeles yet living in a twisted world of sound, this young artist stays dosed to the eyelids in chopped-up samples, meticulously tweaked beats and obese waves of bass. Sugarpill seamlessly merges his techy sensibility and immaculate production skills without ever losing the inherent sexiness of the beats, and this multidimensional musical approach unites EDM fans across a vast spectrum of genres and tempos.

His original tracks combined with explosive live DJ sets confirm for the producer a powerful spot at the forefront of West Coast future sound. Crossing genres effortlessly and employing a rich variety of styles, his lively and intense sound is best described as a party- and that is exactly what Sugarpill brings to the dance floor.

Not only a producer and DJ but also a writer, blogger, teacher and radio host, Sugarpill’s thick talents serve his many musical endeavors well.

As cofounder of and contributor to Abletontweets.com, Sugarpill uses his knowledge of the wildly diverse software not only to propel his own musical career, but to help aspiring producers develop their skills as well. Along with bass compatriot Stutterfly, Sugarpill also runs the popular Polybeat Plant radio show on GlitchFM, airing every Thursday night from 6-8PM PST and broadcasted around the world into earholes hungry for glitchy goodness.

Dedication to his craft, backed up by mad skills, has created a buzz around Sugarpill in the online underground, with the producer winning praise on music blogs such as Afromonk, Doktor Krank, Chrome Kids, Creative Loafing, Circuitree Records, Catalog Records and DanceFever5000. Having played alongside RD, Tom Burbank, Spank Rock, Eprom and Robot Koch, Sugarpill will no doubt continue to push electronic music forward towards the next new genre that no one will be able to name.

Find Sugarpill’s most recent release on Daly City Records; his remix of “Complex Players Dub” on Mochipet’s Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2 continues to climb the charts. Sugarpill is now working on his next EP to be released, and his most recent productions, mixes and Sugarcasts including the new mixtape “Snark Spaks on a Curved Table” can be found on his

SoundCloud or at SugarpillMusic.com.


Bassdrop Music


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