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When: -

Where: 1015 Folsom (1015 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: 1015 Folsom

Genres: Techno

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1015 Folsom presents







Taking over the basement in 1015 Folsom


FRIDAY OCTOBER 18TH, 2013 / 10P-3A / 21+ ONLY


Tickets Here: http://po.st/BODYHIGH



|||| BODY HIGH ||||



Body High Records is the preeminent platform for underground club music in America, focusing its sights on returning to the country's affluent dance roots and inserting integrity back into a sphere that's lacked such in recent years. Using the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles as their catalyst, Body High's founders Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL have unearthed some of the most forward-thinking producers in dance music today, shovel- ing out critically-acclaimed releases at an expeditious rate and giving mu- sic that doesn't have an umbrella to latch onto a welcoming home.


Body High stands today as a genre-defying out- let that thrives on constructing their own lane and seeing how far they can push the walls of contemporary club music, while staying true to the predecessors that got them there.


|||| SAMO SOUND BOY ||||



Making sizable impacts in the production world with releases on Palms Out Sound, Trouble & Bass, and known for his cli- matic, full-throttle DJ sets, Sam Griesemer aka Samo Sound Boy has built an esteemed reputation for himself over the years- - matching incomparable style with a connoisseuring ear for the fresh. In 2011, he combined these two qualities in the creation of BODY HIGH, his very own record label in collaboration with LOL Boys affiliate Jerome Potter. Today, BODY HIGH stands amongst America’s most-forward thinking dance labels, shovel- ing out critically acclaimed releases and giving music that doesn’t have an umbrella to latch onto a welcoming home. And although he sort of fell into the world of dance music, discovering DJ cul- ture while soul searching in Buenos Aries, Argentina after high school, Samo Sound Boy has contributed more for the scene than he could’ve ever imagined, implementing integrity back into the genre and bringing club music back to the club.


|||| Jerome LOL ||||



To raise the new, one must raze the old. For the better part of the past decade, Los Angeles producer/DJ Jerome Potter has utilized his creative efforts toward LOL Boys, a collaborative project that was sparked via an online message board with likeminded DJ Markus Garcia. Undoubtedly a fruitful endeavor—debuting numerous buzzworthy EPs and becoming among the most in-demand DJ’s in the LA club scene—the LOL Boys recently reached their climax with the release of their most acclaimed record to date, the Changes EP, and have since announced their decision to put the venture on an indefinite hiatus. From the ashes of LOL Boys though, rises Jerome Potter’s newfound solo enterprise, Jerome LOL. And now, with the ability to contribute to the entire greater whole rather than just half, Jerome LOL is set to continue right where LOL Boys left off—further exploring uncharted spectrums in modern dance music while still maintaining the unique, Internet-fueled aesthetic.