Win a DJ Slot at SONIC BLOOM 2011 Contest

Contest Closed This contest has been concluded and a winner has been chosen.

After a hard-fought battle pitting more than 50 of the best amateur producers in the country in a head-to-head-to-head matchup, the dust has finally settled on the DJ at Sonic Bloom Contest. A furious battle for the third and final spot resulted in Sonic Bloom adding a fourth slot, thus ensuring the top four vote-getters each get a chance to show off their skills June 24-26th at Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, CO. The winners, in order, are Lost Optical, Perileyes, Hooplaa, and Skyless.

These four winners will join EOTO, Tipper Sound Experience, Mala (Digital Mystikz), David Starfire, Zilla, MartyParty, and other luminaries in the industry for one of the most cutting edge electronic festivals in the world. Congratulations to the winners, as well as the entire field of finalists; and remember, if you didn’t win this time, keep plugging away—The Untz will continue to open up competitions for amateurs DJs and producers with amazing prizes and opportunities!


Without a doubt, the prestige and genuine underground cred for which SONIC BLOOM is known, has sparked the creative spirit of an overwhelming number of amateur producers and DJs for whom a spot on the illustrious lineup would be a dream come true. By the end of the submission period, 148 tracks were entered into the DJ at SONIC BLOOM Contest. This year's competitors have vastly outmatched our previous contest's entrants in both talent and variety, not to mention the higher bar set by the staggering quality of production. This, of course, made narrowing the field a daunting task. We can't stress enough how difficult it was to select the top tracks from the pool, and we'd hate for anyone not making the cut to feel discouraged. At the end of the day, 50 finalists were chosen to compete for the 3 coveted slots remaining on this summer's SONIC BLOOM bill.

So, now the fate of the final SONIC BLOOM lineup is in the hands of the fans. Your job is to vote for the producer most worthy of one of those 3 precious slots. The fan voting period will continue from May 17th until the end of the day on June 3rd. The three winners will be announced on June 6th. Our job was hard, yours is almost impossible. Who's going to bring the most excitement, originality, and panache to a lineup that is already bursting at the seams with talent? No one ever said democracy was easy... best of luck to all the competitors!

SONIC BLOOM will be taking place at Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, CO, June 24-26. Each of the three winners will be given two festival passes for the entire weekend. Each winner must provide their own transportation to the festival. If any of the three winners is unable to make it to SONIC BLOOM due to transportation or scheduling issues, the next highest vote recipient (fourth place) will be granted the slot, and so forth.

In addition, we'll be giving away a pair of tickets to one of YOU. If you vote for the eventual winner you are automatically entered in the contest to win. 

Note: In order to prevent against fraud, we have instituted an email approval process for the voting system.  Please check your SPAM folder for the approval email as well.  You must click the approval link in your email, for your vote to officially be counted. Email vote and IP fraud will not be tolerated, and can lead to automatic disqualification from the contest.

DIRT DIAMOND by Grimblee

LUSH by Perileyes

All In by DCarls

Docta Fresh by SCOOTAH

Sexy Shapes by iONik

Springtime on the Grid by (((shwex)))

The Universe at your Finger Tips by Atomic Reactor

There and Back Again by ChrisB.

Take Me Away by Fractal Sky 

A journey through time and bass by Kill Smith

It's Our Time by Skyless

Paradigm by BASSthoven

Celestial Ethers by Profesher

Hustling Souls by Human Agency

theia by simplex

The Long Road by The Munk Machine

Stardust by DJ Deformaty

Plush Sky Dreamin' by Bedrockk

Made the Point by Jon Dose

Have A Bass Cigar by Medisin

Zeleke's Magic Bass by Manic Focus

Canopy by QUADE

After Dark by Shadow Attack

Soft Serve by Soul Controller

Guns of Navarone by Candy Cobra

Day One by DJ  Stump

Keep up with This by Ecliptik

Feels Like Yesterday by jOBOT

Tipping Sky by Stratus

Building Blocks by lost optical

Ballerado by The Digital Connection

Egypt by Cualli

Dive Deeper by Matt Stiles

Ascend by SADLA

Grass by Blue Boy Productions

Low Blow by Bleep Bloop

Mecha Strangelove by brainbheats

Cerebral Feather Duster by Just Ben

Ultraviolet by Particle Zero

Tropicoliday by Crouse

Blue Spore by Parana

Grounded by The Acidophiles

Breaking Boundaries by Jogo-Element

Strapped by Reddot

A Day at Lunch - C.S.O.

SKRILLZ by Johnny5

Ode to Sidewalk Square by KineMatix

Wrapped by integratedmixture

Lullabytes of Memory by sAuce

Unified Alien Theory by CLOUD-D

Best of Luck McFluff by Hooplaa