Conspirator - The Commish [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

What do you say about Conspirator? They're one of the hottest touring acts on the scene today--and they're doing it live. More importantly, with each studio release, they reinvent themselves to stay on top of the ever-changing sound of today. Their latest album, Unleashed, is unleashed today. Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits anchor the act with their live touring experience and meticulous attention to groove. Chris Michetti shreds. Plain and simple. We defy you to deny it. And perhaps KJ Sawka's DESTROID work with Excision is leading Conspirator down the hard and heavy path "The Commish" evokes.

We're thrilled to premiere the track, and we're excited to catch Conspirator on their 28-date tour that begins this Thursday (Jan 31) in the northeast, extends down the coast, up to the midwest, and culminates in Colorado. Many of those dates are with Break Science, so when it comes to live electronic/dance music, you know who you want to see.