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Julian Benasis
Its been 5 years of dedicated producing, and Benasis has begun to leave quite a mark on the EDM scene. As his followers ...

~Tee~Rah~ (Fŭnk 'shən) Productions: Orlando, Florida Dirty, Bass Driven & FULL OF THE FUNK! ~Tee~Rah~ plays Dance ...

Corban M. Redd, also known by his dance alias 1ifehax, is an electronic music composer. Usinhg a laptop, and a laptop ...

Eli pinto, also known for his work on the collaboration Silent Hill brings you his new Electronic House project, ...

American rapper from Denver.

5D Psychic Systems
Michael Byron Henry, known as 5D Psychic Systems was originally DJing from Toronto, Canada. A radical move to Montreal ...

A Free Soul Shines
A free soul shines

Aaron Wayne
Aaron Wayne is a 23-year-old electronic music producer from DFW, Texas. With over 7 years of songwriting and production ...

"You have crossed over to the other side... walk towards the bass... there's no turning back..."

Absolut Nacht
While I am admittedy an amateur DJ, I have a great love for what I do, and a great respect for those whom I admire and ...

im adiga a techie

Producer and Remixer

A Free Soul Shines! I am a healer and create intentional gemstone jewelry according to the healing properties of the ...

Artist, healing energy gemstone jewelry designer, clothing designer, dancer!

Afrobeta instantly lights up the eyes and ears of those who hear them with a genuine love for performance. The ...

Ahmonster - started doing EDM in November of last year. He has been in the music business in some form his entire life, ...

One of the fastest growing General Insurance companies in India and also won awards for Best General Insurance Company ...


greetings We are a duo of DJs and music composers eletronica, Amsius (Benjamin Ramirez) and Arrow (James Porter) ...

Andrew DIFF
Andrew DIFF (Do It For Fun) is a DJ/Producer from the Midwest he is Minnesota Made Native White Boy. His Heart lays ...

Artist Test New Crurious
Artist Test New Crurious


kik messenger is the best messaging application of this era.

Asymptotic is one of those rare DJ’s that is truly trying to bring the art of DJing back. Multi-Genre, multifaceted ...