Paper Diamond Forward is not just a direction, it's a way of life for Colorado based producer Alex B who is rolling out big tunes under the new guise of Paper Diamond in 2011. The new project finds the trusted producer moving into previously untraveled musical territory. The Paper Diamond sound has raw energy and the kind of dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. Driving beats and bass grab on tight while deep, rich tones rumble under layers of spacey synthesizers, sweet melodies, and catchy vocals. One thing is for sure. The energy is high. In keeping with the way of the... more
  • Watch the official video for Lightning in a Bottle 2014!
  • Lightning in a Bottle is returning to its traditional dates over Memorial Day Weekend in 2014. From May 22-26, The Do Lab will move its annual transformational gathering of wildly diverse artists, musicians, performers, and fans to San Antonio Recreation Area in...
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