Lotus Lotus, a five-piece ensemble, creates astonishingly danceable soundscapes. The music is heavily influenced by electronic music such as jazzy-house and drum 'n' bass and is mixed with elements of jazz, funk, and ethnic music from India, Africa, and Latin America. Lotus' seamless mixes and interlocking rhythms play like a DJ, but with a human touch. The result is a sophisticated yet accessible dance music with the ability to react instantaneously to the crowd and atmosphere of a room and that appeals to fans of live music, funk and jazz, as well as piquing the interest of electronic music... more
  • Euphoria Music Festival (April 25-26 - Austin, TX) Preview
  • The definition of “euphoria” is a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being; Euphoria Festival in Austin, Texas is creating an all-encompassing euphoric experience at Carson Creek Ranch on April 25th & 26th by integrating music and art, yoga and workshops,...
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  • TheUntz.com presents The Werks winter/spring tour!
  • Blurring lines and blending genres, dance rock hybrid The Werks takes to the road once again in 2014. A banner year, which included major tours spanning both coasts, long runs in the band’s heartland haven, and an impressive display at their fan-centric festival,...
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