Habstrakt - Sick Style EP (Exclusive Previews)

By: Jordan Calvano

Never Say Die Records has been unleashing phenomenal tracks at an astounding rate lately. The primarily dubstep label headed by SKisM and Demus (Tommy Dash and Nick Sadler) recently released an incredible sampler which included ferocious songs from artists like 501 and Zomboy, but decided that keeping the cuts flowing was the best way to keep their bass savvy followers on their feet.
A native of Montpellier, France, Habstrakt is the most recent producer to join the Never Say Die family. His vicious style infuses grimy dub whomps with apoplectic synth lines and an in-your-face edge. He already has a slew of bass-belting original tracks and remixes under his belt, but is now taking that production to a whole new level on an astounding set of cuts.  
Sick Style is a contagious EP filled to the brim with aggressive drops and well-developed instrumentations that could incite a riot.  The title track, along with “Monkey Flex” and “Supernatural,” feature well known European vocalists spitting grimy bars over potent soundscapes, all the while providing fans with groove-laden cuts that are perfect to bump while rollin’ around town. Tracks like “Get Funky” and “Night Train” feature no vocals, but instead showcase Habstrak’s ability to release thunderous tracks that land with the force of a tsunami while proving how fast the talented young producer has progressed.
Habstrakt’s most recent EP is a thrill ride of a release that will instantly strap its listeners into the front seat of a speeding car, and does not let up till the very last note.