Gramatik Good music is felt and not heard. At an early age Slovenia born Gramatik showed precocious signs of a musician, absorbing radio transmissions of old Funk or Rhythm & Blues joints, and taking classic piano classes. After two years of this and later private piano lessons of early Rock and Rhythm & Blues, he helped form the youngest band in history at his elementary school. While still in middle and high school he discovered Hip Hop and left his band to become one of the first MC’s on the Slovenian coast. By 1998 he and his classmate formed a duo called Bow Down and threw the first Hip Hop... more
  • Lightning in a Bottle (May 22-26 - Bradley, CA) Preview
  • Beer, pools, and BBQ usually top the list of ways to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. I have one better: Lightning in a Bottle. The adventure continues as The Do LaB is set to put on LiB from May 22-26, 2014. Technically, this year constitutes Lightning in a...
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